December 8th 17: Sheeran Or Kollegah?

The year 2017 started with a huge impact by Ed Sheeran. Later on the singer set some chart records by releasing his album Divide. This week he manifests his status as most successful artist of 2017 by letting his song Perfect fly to #1. The final kick to get there came by the release of duet version with Beyoncé. We already know that effect from most selling single 2017 Despacito that was a hit already but became #1 after an additional release with extra star appearance. In the UK and the US the new track really is credited on the official list–the German survey still works with different rules so at #1 only Ed Sheeran is credited.

It is the second #1 for the British singer. Hidden accompanying Beyoncé as well gets her second #1 appearance. Her one and only #1 song so far dates back more than 10 years. In 2007 she occupied #1 for a single week dueting with Shakira on Beautiful Liar. Even her last top 10 appearance from 2010 was a duet: Telephone with Lady Gaga.

Although Ed Sheeran seems to be untouchable he ain't. As Kollegah & Farid Bang launch their album Jung Brutal Gutaussehend 3 and invade the song charts with tracks from this album. Highest one is Ave Maria at #5 followed by Rap wieder Rap at #7 and Es wird Zeit at #8. It is only the second time that an act launches three simultaneous new entries inside the top 10. In 2010 it was Lena who managed that feat first. Her appearance still is better as she started at #1, 3 and 4.
With six top10 hits in one calendar year the rap duo now ranks alongside David Guetta who did so in 2011 already.

Even better the performance inside the top20 is. Kollegah & Farid Bang launch eight hits there. It also boosts the statistic of German productions to an amount of ten–the best result in 2017–nine of them are in German which is a feat not seen since decades.

The first Christmas tunes arrived past week. Now the seasonal impact is much bigger. Still leading the list is All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey which goes 37–9 adding a third top10 week to its account.
Second best selling Christmas single is Last Christmas by Wham! from 1984. It goes 52–14 in its 126th chart week.
Ten further Christmas related songs re-appearing inside the list. These plus the 15 new entries by Kollegah & Farid Bang makes this recent list the one with the biggest turnover of songs in 2017: 31 songs of the survey were not listed the week before. It is the biggest change since May 2014 and even more as the list of August 1989 when the top75 changed into the top 100.

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