11-09: The Lena-Charts

The story of this week is all about Lena. Winner of last year’s Eurovision contest and straight on the way to enter the contest again in Dusseldorf. In the last few weeks the German TV audience was asked to choose the song she should interprete on 14th of May. Three personality shows for Lena – that’s a lot of hype. Critical anticipation in almost all media guaranteed ... wanna have an example? Just have a look at very down to earth site oljo.de.

Have a look at the official page

A lot of hype also means a lot of advertisement. W ehad the case last week seeing Lady Gaga shooting to no.2 – by the way: where is she gone this week? Lena doubles that feat this week. Taken By A Stranger enters the recent list right at no.2 by donwload sales only. Also four of the five other song proposals enter the list as media control reports today. Additionally her winning song from last year Satellite re-enters the list. By this Lena does have six tracks within the top 100 list. The last act doing so was French DJ David Guetta last August/September.

Taken By A Stranger is the fourth top10 hit for Lena within 12 months. She now joins Katy Perry who did it with her last four singles – of course on one of the four she appeared as featured artist. For Lena only original tracks count.

Well – the German star for Dusseldorf has some impact on the charts. But far less than some would assume. It is not at all the record breaking feat she did. I guess the very strict policy of availibility forced more or less the fast decreasing interest . Maybe the huge impact will follow next week. Then sales of the physical CD release are taken into acount. So far I can tell the download numbers are dying down heavily right now.

Two very specific chart actions took place within the week 18th to 24th February. First one concerns the recent Britney Spears single Hold It Against Me. Finally it was released on CD also in Germany. After breaking a lot of records worldwide and shooting to no.1 in almost every country a month ago it totally fails in Germany (and Austria as well). Nobody really knows why in these two countries (and in the UK) the release schedule differed that much from all the rest of the world. And it seems that such an delay influences a lot the success of a track. It doubles btw the situation we witnessed with her latest release 3. Don’t know why but to me it looks as the German company distributing Britney’s releases has not much interest in supporting her career.

Second German anomaly this week comes due to an flash mob by fans of Depeche Mode. Exactly 30 years after they first entered the British charts with Dreaming Of Me the track does so for the first time in Germany. It is the band’s 47th chart entry in Germany. Although this download action was a worldwide activity it only lead to an chart entry in Germany meaning the band does have it’s biggest fan base here.

press text by media control concernig the Depeche mode flash mob

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