Is there more than Lena?

Lena is not #1 – what a shame – scandal! … these were the headlines of some blogs watching the charts. Well – Lena was the main story in week 18th to 24th February. But YES – we do have a few other chart actions too.

First of all we do have 14 new tracks in the list plus 6 old tracks re-entering the chart. That is the most for this year at all – yeah! Finally the market is alive. 14 new tracks that’s a feat we saw last in November 2009 – you see, the music industry had a very long winter break. 20 tracks which where not listed a fortnight ago – well, we had it last time in June 2010. Almost a year ago. There is something going on.

One of the further actions takes place right at #5. That’s the place where Taio Cruz & Kylie land with their single Higher. It is the 11th chart week for the track which started end of December at a somehow low #10. I had a short story about the song a few weeks ago. At this time I was really convinced that the slow burning Higher was a result of weak or even no new releases. Now this argument doesn’t match anymore. Honestly I can’t find a reason why the song is rising continously: Higher sneaks in the Nielsen airplay charts around #21, well Kylie started her Aphrodite tour – but in Denmark ,no new mixes available … The track rises up the list nonetheless entering it’s highest rank so far this recent week. Taio Cruz now matches the result he got with his very first German chart hit Break Your Heart almost 10 months ago. Kylie now collects only her 4th top 5 single in Germany – and Higher is so far her second longest running top 10 hit beaten only by Can’t Get You Out Of My Head which spent 12 weeks inside the German top 10 in 2001/02.

Two tracks enter the German charts this week promoted by commercial TV spots. The first is Young Blood from New Zealandian The Naked and Famous used by German music TV channel VIVA to support their complete re-design in 2011. The second is A Night Light This from Dutch Caro Emerald known for its use in a commercial spot for Martini.

And finally the top 3 of German productions:
1. LenaTaken By A Stranger (#2)
2. Milk&Sugar vs. Vaya Con DiosHey (Nah Neh Nah) (#10)
3. culcha candelaBerlin City Girl (#14)

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