11-10: Bruno Mars - Taio Cruz again - and some Chris Brown

Bruno Mars holds still the #1 spot in Germany with grenade. That’s the news of this week. He now occupies that position for a fourth week in a row and matches the feat The Black Eyed Peas did in January this year. It is almost a given thing that he will top the list next week too and gain the honour of being the most successfull track of 2011 so far. Why I’m so sure? Well – the release schedule for the recent week is not that strong. Chris Brown is the candidate with most prospects of having the best physical release start. His latest offering Yeah 3x enters the list by donwloads only at #8 as the highest new entry this week. I really doubt that the track more or less adressed to a younger fan crowd would have the power of overtaking the most mainstream hit of the moment (and here I mean mainstream as a very positive thing: almost everybody in Germany is attracted by the romantic and powerful ballad of Mr. Mars). Chris Brown so far is having a small comeback launching a third top 10 hit after a two year’s break.

Of course nobody should never say that something is given for sure … at least not concerning the chart. Or did you really believe that Taio Cruz featuring Kylie will rise much further in their 11th week? I told you the story last Friday – besides all the Lena hysteria and the almost failing Depeche mode flash mob the Taio/Kylie story was the most exciting going on last chart week. And now? – Finally they climb higher and higher reaching now #3. Higher is now for both the longest staying top 10 track within the German charts. Taio Cruz „only“ spent 11 weeks with Dynamite last September/October – Kylie did so with her last #1 hit Can’t Get You Out Of My head in 2001. It is by the way Kylie’s 50th week inside the German top 10. She now accompanies artists like Timbaland or Beyoncé. Both did in very shorter time … so Kylie Minogue benefits from her endurance in music business. She now has top 3 hits in three different decades. What is probably more exceptional: she did not have any top 10 hit in the 90s.

The best CD release last week was done by The Black Eyed Peas. Just Can’t Get Enough is the second single from their recent album The Beginning. It’s not that catchy and straight dance oriented as its predecessor The Time (Dirty Bit) was. It is viceversa a little more demanding … not that easy to consume. Does anybody wonder why the track starts at #9? Anyway it is the 12th top 10 track for the Peas.

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