TV related hits: Wetten dass...?

Finally a really good chart week: 13 new tracks enter the list – that’s the best result for 2011 so far. Last time we had more new tracks entering the chart in a single week was in November last year. But we are still far away from the „golden era“ seeing every week about 20 new tracks entering the list. Three years ago … that’s a long time.

I shortly presented the best new starts of both Cds and tracks on Tuesday. A few places short of the top 10 we find one of the most significant jumpers. It is Roxette which see their She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio) rising a whole 20 places to no.12 after her performance at Wetten dass…? (Wanna bet that...?). The show is still the most popular Saturday night TV event. It attracts all age groups and a performance there guarants a sales boost. The recent edition brought a big surprise: Thomas Gottschalk – host for over 30 years – announced he will leave the show in summer. Last show in December saw a heavy accident in which a young man became quadriplegic. It’s probably one of the main reasons why the long year entertainer now quits his job. – The Swedish duo Roxette had much more luck with the show. No.12 for their actual single – that’s as high as they were 17 years ago, at the end of their very heydays.

Second winner of the show is Take That. They were announced to perform their The Flood in December already. But cause of the accident and the stopped show they did not. The music company (and probably the boys also) considered a performance as really necessary – so the performance was done now. As an effect the single The Flood swaps back up the charts 39 – 21 – also almost 20 places – in it’s 15th chart week. I guess this was the performance worth.

The best sold German tracks are in terms of productions unalteredly Hey (Nah Neh Nah) by Milk&Sugar vs. Vaya Con Dios. The track sits pretty at no. 8 in the singles list. Best sold track in German is again Halt dich an mir fest (Hold on me) by Revolverheld feat. Marta Jandová. Winner of last week Herbert Grönemeyer crashes down 19 places to no.29. Probably it’s an effect of the unaivalable video. Radio stations doesn’t play the song and you can’t link your facebook friends to the track … well, nobody notices that there is a new offering made by Herbie. Schiffsverkehr is now only the fifth most sold track done by German artists.

The best new track in German comes from a band founded in 1969. It was one of the most popular bands in former GDR and in the 80s they also toured through the western part. But they never had a single hit. Now 42 years after Puhdys started making music they finally enter the singles list. Hey, wir woll’n die Eisbärn sehn (Hey, we wanna see the polar bears) is a song written in 1996 as a tribute and anthem for the ice hockey club Berlin which is called The Polar Bears by their fans. In 1998 they song was first recorded due to an documentary movie. The last years were very successful for the Polar Bears. They became the German Champion in 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2009. Last year they won the European Trophy. Time for a new release of the anthem.

Though the new recorded version is not at all only a support for the club. It is more or less a party hit for the so called fifth season – carnival. To avoid misunderstandings Puhdys asked German party king Jürgen Drews to accompany them. The recently released CD single enter the hit list at no.35. It is – I told it before – the first ever chart hit for Puhdys. They are now the second GDR-act who enter the charts for the first time within a year. The band Silly did so almost exactly one year ago rising up to no.29 with their second single. So called Ostalgie (eastalgia) becomes mainstream.

The Puhdys only version

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