Dec 9th 16: Record Breaking Human

As Human spends an 11th week at #1 it is now the longest running #1 hit of 2016. And no other song is able to beat that result. At the beginning of 2016 Adele still occupied the top spot with her Hello. Indeed that song also spent 11 week as the best sold–in 2016 she only had a short two weeks run at the top.
Additionally to the honour mentioned above Rag'n'Bone Man now is the only British solo male who continued as long since the beginning of the weekly charts in 2017. Going back to times when charts where issued twice per month Rory Graham stands in the shadow of Tom Jones whose Delilah had an massive two and a half months run (13 weeks) at the top of the German charts in May to July 1968.

Chöre by Mark Forster rises a further place now ranking at #3. It is the singer's third hit (respectively fourth hit if one counts the EFF collaboration as well) that reaches the top 3. Within three years.

After releasing a Christmas version of their hit Holz the 257ers see the song rising again: past week it had an 18–12 vault, this week the song lands at its peak position at #7 again. I'm afraid this ain't the end for that production …

The only new entry on the top 10 comes from Max Giesinger. His Wenn sie tanzt already peaked at #14 three weeks ago. This week the song again climbs up the list–his appearances on TV as alongside Andreas Gabalier on the MTV unplugged concert and on the Merci Udo show probably propelled his recent song.

Biggest gainers are–of course–Christmas classics. Last Christmas by Wham! started past week at #48, for the very first time one rank behind All I Want For Christmas Is You recorded by Mariah Carey. The song now jumps 34 places to #14. It is the best result since 2009. The Mariah Carey song can gain 25 places sitting pretty at #22 right now.
Also Hallelujah profits of the seasonal mood. The a capella version by the Pentatonix gain 28 places this week reaching a new peak for the composition at all with #24. The original recording by Leonard Cohen stopped at #27 a few weeks before.
And Wonderful Dream (Holidays Are Coming) by Melanie Thornton takes a leap of 39 ranks to #57.

Newly inside the top 20 Bad Ideas by alle farben is. It is the fourth top 20 hit within three years.

Highest new entry comes in at #21. It is Alan Walker's third single Alone that stops by. According to the recent iTunes list the song has some more power without the huge impact Faded had a year ago. That one rises once again 84–68 in its 48th chart week.

Since the new Apple Music commercial is aired on TV background song Ahnma by Beginner Feat. Gzuz & Gentleman turns up again. The track gains 24 places this week landing at #31, the highest position since late September.
Kerstin Ott performs better. Her album Herzbewohner enters #16–the hit single Die immer lacht (remixed by Stereoact can rise again 20 places to #65.

An oddity went on around the release of John Legend's recent album Darkness And Light. It didn't manage to chart but the single Love Me Now did so and now appears at a re-entry at #59. On its first appearance in October it reached #79.

The new version of The Mack by Nevada Feat. Mark Morrison and Fetty Wap goes 86-75 in its third week.

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