May 54: Fragile List with Tons of New Entries

On the third official list of Der Automatenmarkt covering the plays in May 1954 a first change at the very top goes on: Lys Assia enters the #1 with Schweden-Mädel and so launches the first #1 for a Swiss act in Germany–of course only if one ignores the published list (compiled for Hamburg) of January 1954 when Vico Torriani was listed at the top with Granada.
With topping the list the singer crowns herself as she is one of the most successful recording stars in early 1954.

At #2 Ding Dong Boogie by Renée Franke & Helmut Zacharias goes. The song takes a 23 places leap compared to the issue of April 1954.

#3 to 5 are new entries as there are:
3) Bonsoir Bonsoir Vico Torriani
4) Oh mein Papa Lys Assia
5) Herr Kapellmeister, bitte einen Tango Evelyn Künneke

Only four songs of the April Top 10 still manage to appear again inside the top 10. Having such a turnover it is even more impressive seeing three songs spending a third month inside the top 10. The songs in question are:
Die beschwippste Drahtkommode by Der schräge Otto rising back to its peak at #7
Anneliese by Hans-Arno Simon / Friedo Grothey & Rudolf Klaus holding at #8
and Diesmal muss es Liebe sein by Gisela Griffel dropping one place to #10

With Vaya Con Dios (May God Be With You) in the recording of Les Paul & Mary Ford dropping 3–18 the whole top 10 comes from Europe. On eight recordings Germans appear as performer, on three recordings Swiss singers are the main act. Two performer have two songs inside the top 10 as there are Lys Assia with Schweden-Mädel and O mein Papa and German Hans-Arno Simon with Anneliese and as part of Drei Simons with Es ist so wunderschön.

Some Further Facts
The German take on Vaya Con Dios by Hula Hawaiians Quartett und Valentinos Hawaiian Band returns to the list at #12–overtaking the English original for the very first time. In March the recording was listed at #9, a month ago it was totally out off the list (with 35 places). A similar figure can be watched with Moulin Rouge by Mantovani. The song was listed at #6 in March '54 dropped out of the Top35 and now returns to #24.
On the other hand the #1 of April 54 Wir, wir, wir, haben ein Klavier by Zehn Whiskys und ein Soda drops completely out of the Top 40.
That bounces show significantly how fragile the measuring of plays still was. It seems very certain that the reports of what was played most came in very irregular.

A fact underlining this theory is the amount of songs new entering the charts. 24 songs are listed new (two of them are re-entries). Of course the list in May contains 40 places, the list of April opnly had 35.

With Trio Raisner (with leading player Albert Raisner) entering #13 the first French act appears on the German list. Hofkonzert was a medley of several tunes released in France as Potpourri.

The amount of German songs or songs involving Germans slowly drops. 70% of the list (28 songs) are recorded by or in cooperation with German singers and musicians, 75% (30 songs) are sung in German.

The most present musician is Adalbert Luczkowski who appears with his orchestra on four songs:
Deinen Namen, den hab' ich vergessen by main act René Carol new at #6
Bella Bimba by main act Bibi Johns at #14
Jambalaya by main act Gerhard Wendland new at #34
and Es blüht eine weiße Lilie again by main act René Carol new at #40.

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