April 54: The First Stars - All Sing In German

Second official list of Der Automatenmarkt contains 35 songs/recordings. Leading the pack still is Wir, wir, wir haben ein Klavier by Zehn Whiskys und ein Soda. So this single is the first one topping the charts for two complete months.

At #2 there is the highest new entry in the face of Swiss Lys Assia. She might be count as the first Swiss chart act in Germany although the unofficial list (credited to plays only in Hamburg) from January lists Vico Torriani with Granada as the most played song.

The very first #1 in Germany from December 1953 was Es hängt ein Pferdehalfter an der Wand by Dutch Die Kilima Hawaiians. The song returns in April back to Top10 status as it lands at #6.

Most successfull act of the list probably is Austrian Arno Schmidt as his Oh Mister Swoboda still stands at #4 and Lieber Franz enters #7.
Two acts have three songs as main credited singer inside the list: Lys Assia - Schweden-Mädel (#2), Kleines weißes Haus (#17) and Wenn du mal Heimweh hast (#19)
and Hans-Arno Simon (with Friedo Grothey) - Anneliese (#8 / former #1), Melancholische Polka (#11) and Ludwig (#30). Additionally he appears at #23 as mastermind and main performer of Drei Simons with Mein stiller Traum.

Compared to predessecing month March now only four German acts are in the Top10 but eight songs in German. Taken in account the whole list the number of German acts increases to 68,6 % (24 songs), the number of songs in German is even more with 80% (28 songs).

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