June 1954: Friedel Hensch Goes #1

After two songs not reaching the top20 so far Friedel Hensch und die Cyprys now storm directly to #1 with their recording of Heideröslein. The song already entered the list in April 1954 in the version by the Golgowsky-Quartett, Will Glahé und sein Orchester rising to #19 in May54 and now shoots to #3. So that tune undoubtedly is the most loved in early summer 1954.
Friedel Hensch und die Cyprys also enter the list with other songs: Der Fremdenlegionär at #10 and Das Försterlieserl at #20. With five different songs this year alone they are the most visible act in the first half of 1954. Only Adalbert Luczkowski so far has more entries (six) as he accompanied different hits with his orchestra.

Another beloved tune still is the one written by country star Carson Robison There Is A Bridle Hanging On The Wall originally from 1936. In 1953 it became famous in Germany in the version of the Kilima Hawaiians from the Netherlands. Es hängt ein Pferdehalfter an der Wand is listed as the very first German #1 for December 1953. The recording still sits pretty at #7 in June 1954. Hence the most loved version now is the one by comedian trio Die Peheiros. Es hängt ein Autoreifen an der Wand lands directly at #4 this month.

New at #5 the first chart hit for Wolfgang Sauer lands. Glaube mir was recorded before by Leila Negra and Rudi Schuricke under the title Mütterlein–the new version finally brings the composition of Fred Rauch and Gerhard Winkler to wider fame. Both are well known to music listeners in Germany. Fred Rauch just had two hits in Germany with Oh Mister Swoboda (#4 in March and April and still ranking pretty at #15 this current month) and Lieber Franz (#7 in April). Gerhard Winkler is one of the authors of the current #1 under the pseudonym Peter Jan Hansen.
The English version of Glaube Mir is titled Answer Me and was twice a #1 in the UK end of 1953 in the recordings of both Frankie Laine and David Whitfield. The version by Nat King Cole went #6 in the US earlier this current year.
The B-Side of Glaube mir also enters the list. Tränen in den Augen is the German version of Crying In The Chapel which entered the US Top 20 in three different versions in 1953. Most successfull the take of June Valli which peaked at #4. The German version by Wolfgang Sauer starts chart life at #22.

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