2nd of May 2014:

Still it is Rather Be by Clean Bandit Featuring Jess Glynne that sits pretty at Nr.1 in Germany. It is already the fourth week for that track. Well–the top is very calm. And so are the ranks 2, 3 and 4.

The track bringing some change in the list is Budapest by British new comer George Ezra. After his song is released on CD the track shoots 12–5 in its 9th chart week. It is so far the second highest peak worldwide for the song. Only the Dutch charts report a current number 3.

Three places below the highest new entry comes in. It is the new single by Mando Diao Black Saturday that anounces the new album Aelita. It is the second Top 10 single in Germany for the Swedish band and its first chart entry since four years (of course the chart success for Caligola ain’t included).

Two German acts are jumping directly into the Top 20. And they together stand for the sound currently very successful in Germany. The first one comes in at number 10 and it is the third prerelease for Kollegah's upcoming album King. This week the title trackenters the list as the highest track Kollegah ever had launched in the single's charts. It really seems that he is the new king of German gangsta rap. His both predecessors Alpha and AKs im Wandschrank also made it up in the list climbing 30 places each.
The second new German song comes in at number 18. After its release as a full digital track She Moves - Far Away jumps from number 70. DJ Alle Farben is the latest of deep house inspired producers who make their luck on that sound invading the music scene since few months.

Casting Show Battle
The question is: Which one is the casting show with most influence. Usually one refers to the TV rates which sees Deutschland sucht den Superstar (DSDS) at number 1. But hard on the heels The Voice Kids follows. Both emerge around 3 Mio. viewers every show aired. But what do TV rates really mean for highly commercial products? What do they mean if the sales of music do not correspond with the rates. That's the question raised against DSDS. RTL so far answers: it doesn't matter anything – there will be a season 2015 for sure. Meanwhile the market celebrates The Voice Kids as the more attractive show. This week a song returns to the list that already had a very proper chart career. Strong by London Grammar spend 23 weeks inside the charts since November 2013 peaking at number 33. On April 18th Saphira, Carlo & Hanna performed the song and propelled it back to the list–up to number 28. This late peak makes the song the slowest burner of 2014 so far–and compared to past three years it is a slow burner indeed. One or two tracks per year did take a similar time. Of course Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner's Sky And Sand are the far and away the longest sleeping hit peaking in its 83rd chart week in November 2011.

Still on the rise the American Authors can reach the Top 50 with their Best Day Of My Life. The remix by Just A Gent counts in the next chart issue. The full release of the CD single follows May 9th.
It took John Newman's current single Losing Sleep also a while for catching fire and becoming hit status. This week the song rises 82–57 although it is available for more than a month.

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