25th of April 2014:

Rather Be by Clean Bandit Featuring Jess Glynne is Nr.1 in Germany for a third week. That gives us the fourth number 1 hit in a row that holds firm for at least three weeks. I was counting the statistics the past week already resuming that the charts somehow slow down at the moment. This week it is much more obvious due to the fact that four consecutive number 1 hits spend at least three weeks is a feat last seen in early summer 2010 when five number one hits did so. 2010 (and 2012) was the year when Germany had only 13 different songs storming the top. A result not seen since 2002 when there were only 11 number 1 hits. Seems that we whitness a longer period of slowing down after a very busy time between 2003 and 2009.
To underline this situation the Top 5 is again completely unchanged. And even the whole Top100 contains 5 new songs and 4 re-entries only. That's the lowest turnover since July 2012 when an almost three years phase of very static charts slowly ended. This might a renaissance of that time.

David Guetta still is the artist of the current decade who had the most chart entries at all. This week his summary is 611 weeks since January 1st 2010. Runner’s up Pitbull is 140 weeks behind.
The success of the French DJ Guetta is grounded on two very successful albums: One Love in 2009 and Nothing But The Beat in 2011. Both propelled a bunch of single hits into the song charts too. 11 of them going Top 10 including 6 Top 5 hits.
The upcoming album is scheduled for 2014 and for promotion the DJ offers new tracks since summer last year. Track number 3 Bad (a collaboration with Dutch Showtek) was released on April 7th midweek which propelled it to number 49 only in its first week. This issue full week’s sales count into the list giving the track a proper number 19. Well – the master still knows how to launch hits. But the real huge success still ain’t around in 2014.

Almost the same story could be told 'bout Pitbull. The past four years he was extremely successful. The duet with KE$HA Timber gave him his second number 1 in Germany. That was back in December 2013. Now he was chosen to record the official FIFA anthem for WM14 in Brazil. The track We Are One (a well working duet with Jennifer Lopez) was released on April 8th making it chart at number 72 past issue. Now with full sales the track shoots to number 20. I guess this ain't all we will see from this track. Anyway it is the best performance for JLO since summer 2012 when she hit the German Top 20 past alongside ... ehm - of course Pitbull.

Highest new entry is once again a German battle rap. The story started on a show by Sido on April 14th when entertainer and comedian Joko had an appearance as a rapper and dissing some B-level stars. A day later the answer by Eko Fresh Frauenarzt Manny Marc Bass Sultan Hengzt was digitally available. The fun is on the audience–Joko Diss enters the list at number 24.

Tracks on the rise
Still Aloe Blacc climbs up the list with I'm A Man. Number 1 in the UK, number 8 in the USA–in Germany the track stops now at number 43 which is close to the peak of his last release the solo take on Wake Me Up. An official release date as a stand alone single stilkl does not exist in Germany. Strange marketing strategy.
Another self evolving hit is All Night by Parov Stelar. The track climbs up the list as an album cut from his latest CD chosen by the audience. The latest kick for getting Electro Swing a mainstream phenomenon came by some shows the DJ had around here including one in Berlin. So far he is a star in Austria and some eastern European countries. The late success in Germany also tells a lot about dance music here in the past years.
Indila finally enters the Top 50 stopping at number 47 with Dernière Danse. Some internet sellers list the album Mini World at the very Top–the official media control charts saw it at number 35. It seems there is a gap in the way the official charts are compiled.
It was an easy bet predicting Best Day Of My Life by American Authors becoming a hit. This week the track rises 81–61, a few remixes will be released next days, the full CD single is scheduled for beginning of May.
The next deep house inspired mainstream hit comes in at number 70 in the shape of She Moves (Far Away) produced by DJ Alle Farben. The proper release is scheduled for beginning of May. His popularity already is big enough letting the track chart before. So far the DJ is best known for his Synesthesia sets played on several events and additionally released on soundcloud. The upcoming album is titled also Synesthesia.

DSDS effects
April 12th 2014 the third live show was aired. Again two tracks were propelled back in the list after they were performed on the show. The low impact they really have on the charts shows which way the format probably goes. Season 12 in spring 2015 is already scheduled anyway.
On number 58 Say Something by A Great Big World And Christina Aguilera lands. It is a new peak for the song that stalled at number 79 in January. Eisberg by Andreas Bourani also has a further appearance landing at number 66. It is exactly the same place the song had last time in November 2012.

Hallelujah very often is referred to be one of the best songs of all time. The song was written by Leonhard Cohen but the recording of Jeff Buckley became much more popular. The quality of the song and the recording did never grab the mainstream. Number 38 a year ago is all the track so far managed to reach. Mostly it can chart after a hopeful contestant staged on a casting show with the tune. So it will happen probably in next weeks time. On The Voice Kids a young duo has performed the song. But that's not all. A week before the casting show a video on youtube became a viral hit featuring a priest in a wedding ceremony singing Hallelujah. The video already collected 2 million clicks and brings the recording by Jeff Buckley back to chart honour. This week it re-enters number 76. Will it grow further this time?

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