26-12: Soccer Dance

Die Toten Hosen right now repeat the result of their so far greatest hit Zehn kleine Jägermeister as current hit single Tage wie diese stays for a fourth week right at the Top of Germany’s singles charts. Used by public TV ARD as the main anthem for the EURO2012 the track is heavily supported by media use. So does number 2 which comes right now from Linkin Park. Burn It Down is used by ZDF for the same reason and now is the highest ranking track of Linkin Park of all times. They reached three times number 4 so far. In 2004, in 2007 and in 2009–now the history of the band is re-written.

The current list is covering the time span 15th to 21st of June. In this time the hopes for a German championship seemed realistic. Finale wir kommen (Final we’re coming) by KAY ONE Featuring Shindy tells about that dream. It climbs 54–29. Last Thursday these hopes were smashed by the team from Italy. Probably the KAY ONE song will tumble down in two weeks time dramatically.

Rising also is the Ukrainian band Los Colorados. Its take on I Like To Move It is the second official ZDF-track for EURO2012 promotion. It now reaches the upper half of the list at number 44.

The best performing new songs are alle from the dancefloor. Highest new entry inside the German list comes from Swiss Patrick Miller. So far he is known as the voice of the rap part on recordings by Mike Candys. So far he collected two Top 20 hits within the past 9 months. Now he starts his own solo single Dancing in London. It is a dance infected tune also but falls short of the two predecessors.

The man who made Patrick Miller popular can’t make it that big. His newest offeringSunshine (Fly So High) is even outsold by predecessor 2012. It lands at number 64 so far.

The highest new entry coming from a German act is Feeling So Blue by the Michael Mind Project. It is build around the Eiffel 65 hit from 1999. Landing at number 38 in its first chart week it is the first time since four years that the Michael Mind Project can reach the upper half of the charts again. Singer Dante Thomas seems after a long long break really back in the business. It is already his second chart appearance in 2012.

What else? – Amy Macdonald’s album Life In A Beautiful Day shot to number 1 last week. This issue she has to move to number 2. Instead her single Slow It Down rises again and lands at number 39–which is a new peak for the song after seven weeks in the list.

Steadily rising is Belgian Triggerfinger’s unplugged version of I Follow Rivers. This week the song can stop at number 40. The original by Lykke Li also finds some more fans and rises 10–8 this current week, which also marks a new peak for the song.

Philipp Poisel had a big success at the beginning of this year when his song Eiserner Steg became very popular after being performed on a casting show. Now a further song from his last album gains attention. It is the last track on the album Bis nach Toulouse and it’s called Ich will nur (I Only Want To).It is a very reduced love ballad. As I found out the song isn’t released or scheduled for a proper single release. Instead of that there is a new album announced for August which will be probably partly live. Maybe it is the pre-flurry that let people purchase Ich will nur as a live version on their mp3 players. Number 43 is an impressive start.

Rising also is Reckoning Song / One Day the remix of Asaf Avidans song by Wankelmut. It is new inside the upper half at number 49.

Two years ago Menowin Fröhlich seemed to be one of the big stars of the future. Than he failed in winning the superstar casting contest only becoming the runner up. Last year he released his first single with more or less success. But the interest in the almost superstar fades away dramatically. Now his first album is announced. And almost nobody cares. The single that should tease the album lands at a low number 60. It is called Round ‘N’ Round.

I am actually wondering how often one can release the same sounding song. Marquess already does it with ¡Bienvenido! for the ninth time. Well –the success of the releases so far isdecreasing too. Number 61 for the summer single 2012.

And also Schlager old star Jürgen Drews comes with a new single. Für einen Tag (For One Day) is the newest offering landing at number 62.

Jürgen Drews -- Für einen Tag - MyVideo

Again on TV Die ultimative Chartshow. Although the survey on the most successfull synthie pop hits was aired for the 15th time one live act of the show can manage it to launch its hit again. It’s Faithless that sees its Insomnia again landing at number 79. It is the 55th chart week for the song so far and the 12th time that it re-enters the list.

And finally the song noted for the most times inside the German sales charts Sky And Sand by Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner this issue leaves the list. Last week it was noted at number 96 in its 115th chart week–now it is really out. Now the song with most chart weeks is Rolling In The Deep by Adele which sits at number 94 in its 77th week.

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