27-12: Linkin Park Superstars

Now it is the most successful song by Die Toten Hosen. Tage wie diese holds a fifth week firm at the Top of the German singles charts. Counting 14 weeks inside the Top 10 the song needs eight more weeks to eclipse the result of the second best performing song so far Zehn kleine Jägermeister.

Holding a fifth week at the top position Die Toten Hosen are the first German act doing so since Lena’s Satellite had a continous five weeks run at the top in spring 2010. After winning the Eurovision song contest in May that year she stormed back to number 1 adding a sixth week to her account.

The story of the week is connected with number 2 act Linkin Park. Their album Living Things storms to number 1 in the very first week on sale. It probably supports the figures for current single Burn It Down and also lifts the opener song Lost In The Echo into the list as an album cut. The song is scheduled for being the next single in Britain end of June. In Germany the label did not report a release as a single. By entering the list at number 68 it is far and away the most loved song of the album.

Also song number 2 on the album In My Remains can made it in the singles list as an standalone track. It is listed at number 83 and Germany is the one and only country where that tracks gains that much attention. It is mentioned only in the UK rock charts also–ranking at number 10.

Having a very successfull new album in shelves always raises some interest in older single hits. In the case of Linkin Park it is Numb which seems the most signature song of the band. Released in 2003 it reached number 19 in Germany–as the third single taken from the Meteora album a quite impressive result. A year later the track became much wider popular by being mashuped with JAY-Z’s Encor. The mix reached in Germany number 4 giving the band a first Top 10 single hit in Germany.

The last Top 10 hit of the band–2009 New Divide–shapes as the second best loved classic directly followed by What I’ve Done, the third so far Top 10 hit of the band. Finally also one of the very first hits of Linkin Park–In The End–appears newly in the list. With this the band does have seven different songs inside the sales list. It is now the act with the best result for 2012 matching the feat last made by David Guetta in autumn last year when his album Nothing But The Beat lunched nine different tracks inside the charts.

Upcoming summer hits
Number 1 in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland Gusttavo Lima is more and more becoming a star in Germany too. Balada (Tchê tcherere tchê tchê) rises 23–14 and now sits for the first time pretty inside the Top 20. Will we watch the song soon going Top 10 status becoming a real succeeder of Nooossaa! Ai Se Eu Te Pego?

Already Top 10 in Switzerland Timati & La La Land Feat. Timbaland & Grooya now also storm the German charts. Not All About The Money takes a 90–29 leap making the song the second biggest hit for the Russian rap star. Predecessor Welcome To St. Tropez had a 21 weeks long rise to his peak at number 3 in summer last year. May the new song follow that feat?

Rising also and probably one of the minor hits this summer is ¡Bienvenido! by Hannover based band Marquess. By rising 61–42 the song is the first appearance of the band in the upper half of the charts since three years.

German dance project cascada comes with a new offering for the summer. Rhythm Of the Night is heavily serving the 90ies revival. The track was a hit in 1994 for Italian project Corona reaching number 8 in Germany. Cascada transfers the song into the new century–rave signals a la DJ Antoine spin around the well known tune. As one of the few people who did not like the original I find the new version much straighter. Nathalie Horler does have a soulfree voice which completely fits to that synthetic dance sound. Number 35 in the release week makes the track one of the very medium cascada hits.

the original:

Scheduled for a mid-August release on CD the next single for gossip can reach the list after a video is released. Move In The Right Direction sneaks in at number 79 while some first remixes are available for free.

Last story: a very strange track appears at number 89. Officially there is Endless Summer EM Fussball-Hits 2012 listed–credited to Endless Summer. But there is no such act existing. A compilation of 11 soccer related tracks is available under the name which should not be eligible for listed inside the singles charts. So–there is a little mystery left about this rank. I just asked the compiling institute media control and let you know soon if they give me an answer.

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