19-12: Spring Turnover At The Top

The big pre-summer turnover starts as we have 11 new entries including six of them inside the Top 20. So there are strong new releases around. Lets start:

No surprise at the top. DSDS winner Luca Hänni storms to number 1 right after he was elected as the new superstar. As always the ever beefing portal oljo reported a big fail of the single. The true is that the single and the winner is entering the top easily. Only once in history a winner of DSDS failed to reaching number 1. It was 2004 champion Elli Erl having that honour.

Don’t Think About Me is the first single since Flo Rida’s Good Feeling in late November that can enter the list straight at the top position. The last artist starting his solo debut at number one was Marlon Roudette back in September. Of course he had a number 1 hit with the band Mattafix before – so the debut right at the top is arguable. The last really new star with an instant number 1 hit was of course superstar predecessor Pietro Lombardi in May 2011.

As most of the chart facts of Luca Hänni are kind of awaited he really can set a benchmark as a singer coming from Switzerland. For finding the last number 1 of an Swiss we have to go back to the year 1996 when DJ and producer Robert Miles brought his Children for seven weeks to number 1. It was the ultimate spring hit back then. The same year he released two other hits but then his popularity decreased dramatically. Although still releasing material he is now only known to a hard core of dream house fans.

A further feat is reached with Luca Hänni storming to number 1. With DJ Antoine sitting at number 8 still we have two Swiss acts simultanously invading the German Top 10. I don’t know, when we had that situation before and it seems to me quite like a novum (at least in the younger history).

Also number two of the DSDS casting daniele negroni sees his version of Don’t Think About Me charting at the upper end of the list. The reason why it only lands at number 4 is a very well regulated. First of all the recording by Daniele is available only as download track. Second there is no video available–neither the one of his performance on the show. I would say the label (plus master Bohlen himself) was very nervous about seeing the “looser” selling more units than the winner. It would be kind of a desaster having crowned the wrong one. Seeing the song daniele had performed as season’s best (Forgive Forget in original by CALIGOLA) rising into the Top 10 again the very strong interest in the runner’s off star is heavily underlined. As comparison: Luca Hänni's season’s best The A Team only can make it up 12 places to number 48.

Icelandic band Of Monsters And Men are newcomer to the Top 10 this week too. The song Little Talks rises five places to number 7 after the album My Head Is An Animal was released and debuts at number 4 on the album list. Of Monsters And men is the first Icelandic act in the Top 10 after Emilíana Torrini occupied the Top in July and Augsut 2009.

And another record is set this week. 9 of 10 singles of the Top 10 are recorded by European acts. One of that with “help” from US/Cuban star Pitbull. Only Drive By at number 6 coming from train is a complete non-European production. Impressive!

More German productions enter the list further down. The most active project at the moment is Berlin based culcha candela. Right now it offers a next single called Von allein (By Itself). It is a soca styled dance track dealing with the multicultural atmosphere of events like the football EM. Using some noisy club sounds the song is slightly more dancefloor oriented than other hits of the band. It starts at number 20.

MC Boris Lauterbach of Fettes Brot starts a solo career under the project name Der König tanzt (The King Dances). The first song published back in March was Alles dreht sich (Everything Turns Around). It is a dancefloor infected pop song describing the weird reality of now. The song itself was not able to enter the charts until the full album of King Boris was released. Now that one starts its chart life at number 17 on the album list and simultanously the single takes a leap up to number 62. So finally the song becomes popular.

Back with a new single and an album is Stanfour. The band released its last single in 2010. Learning To Breathe is the current single and it sounds quite similar to the hits the boys had two years ago. Maybe the sound is a tiny more orchestral. So far it seems the success of past days can’t be repeated.

And finally Helene Fischer works on her career as a single hit seller. After her performance at the Cologne Schlagernacht where 10.000 fans celebrated the conservative German sound her last hit Die Hölle morgen früh (The Hell Tomorrow Morning) returns to the list at number 91. The track is still available digitally only. On 18th of May the release of a CD single is scheduled. So expect the queen of Schlager back in the list much higher soon.

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