20-12: New Old Number One And (Almost) No Entries

Do you remember what I told you last week? I promised you the start of the summer and the arriving of loads of new songs. This week everything is changed again. We only can find 6 songs completely new on the charts and 2 tracks re-entering the list which means there is an 8 tracks turnover of the list. It is the second time this year that we only have eight songs listed that not were in the list the week before. So probably one have to wait a little longer for the transformation in a hot new summer list ...

But there are some moves done in the charts: Luca Hänni’s halt at the Top is stopped after a single week by predecessor Too Close offered by dubstep singer Alex Clare. Latter one now adds a third week to his number one addition. The Swiss superstar tumbles down to number 3 due to the fact that current soccer champion BVB enters the list at number 2 with the anthem Borussia, schenk uns die Schale (Borussia, Take The Bowl/Cup). It is the third year in a row that a BVB anthem can enter the list. It started two years ago with a song celebrating the 100th anniversary of the club. Last year the team won the tournament and the anthem recorded with Krypteria stormed to number 6. This year the crowd is even more crazy–the current single enters the list at number 2. A few days ago the team also won the DFB cup. So we will see the single listed at the very Top of the music charts for sure in two weeks time again.

The single features Borussia master Norbert Dickel as the leading voice. He is an all time star for the club as he in 1989 brought the team two goals on the final match of the DFB cup although his knee was heavily injured. Shortly after that he was retired from sport and started a career as stadium announcer. Now he is debuting as a singer too.

The song itself is a cover of the Mickie Krause Mallorca hit Schatzi, schenk mir ein Foto. The song originally penned by Dutch Gebroeders Ko already spent 42 weeks inside the German charts in at least two different mixes. It peaked at number 27 on beginning of March during the heydays of this year’s carnival season.

Next new German song comes from Revolverheld member KRIS. Diese Tage (These Days) is a sunshiny song about the beautifulness of life. Every day is worth for living even if one seems completely ill fated. The sound (and the video) is very American country rock. It has a sing-a-long refrain and quotes a few anthems of that genre including Miss California which original lyrics by Dante Thomas are added to the song itself.

Four years after his first solo album Peter Heppner comes with a second. For featuring the release he offers the single Meine Welt (My World). In my opinion his sound is much more mellow and a bit more electronic than 2008. Even his lyrics seem to escape the reality. Peter Heppner dreams of an own world which is a better place. All that presented with that weepy voice … hmm one must be a fan for really loving that.

We do have a new superstar. Although he’s tumbling down in popularity right now every one around does remember the last DSDS season. Nonetheless there started a spin off on 5th May: DSDS Kids. I remember shows like this aired in the 80s and 90s already. Well, kids are sweet and help selling music. First beneficiary of the show is Adele. Her Someone Like You was the song performed by 12 years old Besnik. Jurywoman Dana Schweiger was overwhelmed–TV watchers also. The song can rise up the list again to number 49. Similar does Rolling In The Deep that was performed by 10 years old Gala. To be completely honest, also CRO gots a little more attention after Easy was performed by 10 years old Samuel. The song rises two places to number 7.

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