18-12: More Casting Show Impact

Week number two at the Top for Alex Clare. His Too Close still attracts most people in Germany. In Switzerland the current number 1 song is Drive By by US American train that also in Germany makes a seven place leap to number 3. One probably know the reason: the song was performed on the semi final of Deutschland sucht den Superstar (DSDS) that was aired on 21st April. Daniele Negroni had chosen the song and caused the strong new interest in it. Drive By doubles the feat that She Doesn’t Mind achieved last week. For the band train it is now the most successful single eclipsing the number 7 peak of Hey, Soul Sister in 2010.

Right at number 6 we find the next DSDS related gainer. It is Ma Chérie which was performed at the semi final by final winner Luca Hänni. His choice for a hit coming from his native country Switzerland gives DJ Antoine a second Top 10 hit in Germany. Reaching that peak in its 29th chart week makes the track the second slowest hit in 2012. In Switzerland where Ma Chérie reaches number 2 after the TV presence it took the track full 58 weeks to reach that peak. – Of course I don’t have to speak about accompanying Beat Shakers from Serbia. It is the highest rank a Serbian act ever could achieve in Germany (and Switzerland).

If we watch th songs performed at the show I have to mention The Man Who Can’t Be Moved by Irish The Script which is back in the list after the DSDS performance too. However the song only enters at number 72.

Probably it is worth noting that the third highest new entry was supported by DSDS also. It is Live My Life by Far East Movement ft. Justin Bieber that reaches number 8 in its first weeks and gives both acts their first ever Top 10 appearance in Germany. The new Justin Bieber track also lifts the old one 61–39 which is a new peak also.

The best new single start of the week comes from Germany. It is DJane HouseKat accompanied with rapper Rameez who offer a new version on the disco classic Let’s All Chant. The original by The Michael Zager Band climbed to number 14 in 1978. Although it wasn’t the huge hit it became a classic covered several times in all decades. Most popular so far the version of DJ Valium recorded in 2002 which also reached the German charts.

The new version of Let’s All Chant turns the speed a little down but adds common rap parts and floor signals. Produced by Groove Coverage mastermind Axel Konrad it is not surprising seeing the single flying to number 4 in it’s first week. The track was released first back in January but it became popular not before it was used as a commercial background for TV channel PRO7. The big jump to number 4 makes the song the second most successful for the producer after his first success with Groove Coverage in 2002.

Last story of the heavily turned over Top 10. Seeing Taio Cruz Feat Pitbull storming to number 5 with their song There She Goes the US/Cuban rapper launches his eigtht chart hit in 2012 so far. He now overtook French DJ David Guetta who “only” collected seven different tracks invading the lists this recent year. In long time terms Pitbull stays still behind David Guetta. The French man does have 19 different charting tracks under his belt this decade so far (plus one where he appeared as non-mentioned producer). Pitbull brought 15 tracks in the list over the last two and a half year. – Collaborating partner Taio Cruz also celebrates a feat worth mentioning. There She Goes is the third song reaching the Top 10 this year. So the British star had three consecutive years three different songs ranking inside the Top 10.

At the lower end of the charts some further German productions start their commercial life:
Rock band Donots is back with a new album. Leading single Come Away With Me is the ninth song charting in Germany. Landing at number 67 in its first week is something quite common for the band. It only twice in its whole career rose to number 33.

The first warm days passed by and immediately the first Mallorca party hits appear. Markus Becker is the one who starts the new season. His new song Abi Abi Abitur terrifies me a lot. It clearly states that in between carnival and Mallorca season there is a time space and an event left for cheap boozing. It is the end of school, the time of examinations and getting the A level (which is what Abitur means). In Germany high school graduates very often on their last day of school before the examinations spend a day at the streets wearing stupid things like pampers or pyjamas and getting drunk at noon latest. The soundtrack for that kind of celebration is of course nothing else than Schlager stuff without any deeper sense. Abi Abi Abitur fits that feeling perfectly.

German Bundesliga ended this weekend with the old and new champion Borussia Dortmund. The team was in lead position for a long time but the fans of runner’s up Bayern München really hoped for a wonder. Probably that’s the reason the club anthem Stern des Südens (Star Of The South) re-enters in the list. The song appeared in the charts for the first timemore than 14 years ago. It peaked at number 25 in May 2010. As it is a very seasonal hit only charting for a few weeks at the end of the soccer season it collected so far 16 chart weeks.

And finally we have a chart record broken this week. Since February 2009 the song collected most weeks inside the charts was Ein Stern (der deinen Namen trägt) by Austrian duo DJ Ötzi & Nik P.. This week they are dethroned to number 2 by another duo–German DJs Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner. Their track Sky And Sand counts its 108th week inside the list. Of course the two DJs profits from the removal of the clearing policy valid until March 2010. Sky And Sand is the first track that never was removed from the list cause of that policy. Meaning Ein Stern (der deinen Namen trägt) would be far and away the most longest sold single still. In its whole chart career the song was at least three times removed from the list for three months … I would call that bad luck.

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