17-12: Long selling casting show tracks

There is a new number 1 single in Germany. Alex Clare rises two places and sees his Too Close shining at the top spot. The soundtrack of the Internet Explorer commercial is the first dubstep number 1 in Germany. So it took the style more than two years to achieve the success it has already in his home country Britain.

Having a new number 1 means Olly Murs & Rizzle Kicks have to clear the way. Heart Skips A Beat tumbles impressive six places to number 7. It is the deepest fall off the number 1 position since Pietro Lombardi did so in June last year after his Call My Name occupied the top spot for four weeks.

Further Top 10 action
Now they are 30. Die Toten Hosen had their very first performance on 10th April 1982. Of course a lot of papers, radios and TV stations celebrated that anniversary with stories and specials. The huge media presence helps lifting the actual Hosen single to number 2. It is the biggest jump inside the Top 10.

The hot phase of the DSDS casting started on 14th April when the last four aspirants performed for qualification to the next round. The most succesful performance in chart terms actually was again the one of Jesse Ritch who offered a version on She doesn’t Mind which is a recent hit by Sean Paul. After the Saturday night show the single got a sales boost landing again at number 3 in its 11th week inside the Top 10. Poor Jesse had to leave the show a week later.

Of course also other DSDS candidates made their impact on the charts. Again a Top 20 hit is Eiserner Steg by Philipp Poisel. Luca Hänni–one of the big favourites and finally the winner–performed the song and caused the second big demand for the original single. Back in January the song reached number 4 after Benny Fiedler performed the song on The Voice of Germany. A week later the contestant was voted off the show … Luca Hänni had a completely different destiny.

Also the songs chosen by Luca for the category pop and rock reach the list after his performance. Beautiful People originally recorded by Chris Brown & Benny Benassi so far collected 25 chart weeks with a peak at number 30. Now it is back at number 42. Respect! The rock song Chasing Cars already collected 64 weeks in 14 chart runs. For sure that’s the reason why we see the original recording by Snow Patrol only sneak in the list at the lowest end.

Speaking about songs with many chart runs we can switch to the next contestant. Daniele Negroni helps the Kings_Of_Leon back in the charts. Sex_On_Fire charted a month ago last when Use Somebody re-appeared after a performance by combatant Luca Hänni. After Daniele staged with Sex_On_Fire the song jumps back to number 41 which is the highest position since three years. All in all the track now enters the list for the 13th time and slowly approaches the all time record set by Last Christmas in the version of Wham! which charted 16 times in its career. Another song joins the drop in drop out statistic at the top: Das Beste by Silbermond had 14 chart runs.

German productions
Best new single start this week comes from Monrose singer Mandy Capristo. First she appeared at the end of last year alongside Peter Maffay on his sixth Tabaluga album. Now she comes with an own song collection from which The Way I Like It is the first single. It is a well penned pop song written and produced by David Jost who also is the man behind number 1 singles Geronimo by Aura Dione and I Like by Keri Hilson. The Way I Like It is much softer and fits perfectly the mainstream radio sound. So it probably has chances of becoming a real hit. Mandy Capristo might have some hopes for a longer solo career after this start.

Next significant move comes from German Baku star Roman Lob. The song Standing Still so far performed … annoying. After a good start at number 3 it tumbled out of the Top 20 sliding down to number 45. That drop was “supported” by the strange release policy for the video. Some days it was blocked – a few days it was available only on some special platforms … A month before the Eurovison contest his debut album Changes is in stores and can reach number 9 on the album list. The album gives the single a boost again and that jumps to number 19 which is the second highest ranking so far for the song. Let’s wait another four weeks when the contest is over and we’ll see the single flying to better heights probably.

Also Die Ärzte (The Doctors) have a new album in stores. auch (also) storms to Number 1 directly and lifts the single zeiDverschwÄndung (Waste of Time) back into the upper half of the survey.

A pre prime time serial gets more and more attention. Berlin – Tag & Nacht (Berlin–Night & Day) is something in between Big Brother and a regular daily soap. It is the story of people who share a flat in Berlin. The soap started back in September past year achieving only low rates. Already at the end of the year the interest was pretty high and even now the amount of followers rises staedily. There are actual reports seeing the soap overtaking such formats like the soft science magazine Galileo and the long time soap Alles was zählt (All That Matters). One of the song featured on Berlin – Tag & Nacht is ECHT by duo Glasperlenspiel. Since the start of the soap the track sneaks through the list peaking at number 9. This week it jumps again 95–73 in its 32nd chart week.

European Stuff
What works for German productions also does for international ones. Morten Harket offered his single Scared Of Heights which entered the list two weeks ago at number 48. Then it dropped as low as number 92 for bouncing back now to number 60 cause of the release of his album Out Of My Hands which debuts at an overwhelming number 3.

Spanish Sak Noel comes with part II of his Crazy Society trilogy. The formula does work in clubs. The mainstream isn’t that much infected as Paso (The Nini Anthem) starts its chart life at number 66.

How British acts are released in Germany is always a thing very hard to understand. example had a hit in Germany with Changed The Way You Kiss me in autumn 2011. It was the first appearance in German charts for the producer. Now Kickstarts was released as a single. It is a convincing and cool song of course. Anyway I don’t understand why Vertigo/UNIVERSAL decided to promote this track as the next single. Well, it was the most successful track of the 2010 album Won’t Quietly in Britain. Releasing older singles after a hit is quite common–but does this decision really makes sense? Wouldn’t it be much better to release the second British number 1 hit Stay Awake? A&R people for sure know what they do. example so far sees his second chart hit enter at a very low number 72. Hopefully soon the label will find a better strategy for promoting his tracks.

French DJ and producer Martin Solveig has a new offering available. After he had produced for Madonna some tracks he should be counted as one of the big players in business. His E.P. The Night Out does not fully match that expectation. After two weeks on sale as download album it sneaks in the list at number 99.

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