14-12: Echo Award supports German Music

After nine weeks sneaking through the Top 10 and three weeks at runners up position finally Heart Skips A Beat by Olly Murs feat. Rizzle Kicks enters the Number 1. It is the first British number 1 in Germany since we saw Calvin Harris (alongside Rihanna) topping the list in November/December last year. Taking such a long climb before getting the chart crown is quite unusual. The last track doing so was technically We Are The People by Australian Empire Of The Sun in late 2010. They reached the number 1 in their 14th week if one count all chart weeks together. In fact it was the second chart run of the song and in that one the track only needed 5 weeks. So, if we watch out for a “real” sleeping Number 1 hit we have to go back to January 2006 when Marlon Roudette’s first project Mattafix reached Number 1 with Big City Life in its 15th chart week. That track had a three weeks run at the top spot afterwards.

With number one predecessor reaching the top in its eighth chart week we have a very slow and relaxed first quartal of the year concerning the top hits.

Highest new entry and newcomer of the week is German rapper CRO. He became known last your through the net releasing tracks, mixtapes and videos fo free. In January he signed to a major publisher–probably he now is sick of producing for nothing. The first single released still is on his label Chimperator. Easy was a net hit in last autumn already. It is indeed an easy track quoting softly the refrain of Boney M.’s Sunny which was a number 1 hit in 1976. Never the tune was used that relaxed.

CRO could become the very first German internet star with a longer career. In the US or UK it is quite usual seeing young musicians start as independent net stars signing a big deal and releasing proper CDs. In Germany that practise is new to most labels. CRO could be the one who changes everything. Number 2 for his debut.

Right behind new comer CRO a veteran band lands with a new single. Die Toten Hosen already celebrate their 30th anniversary. Tage wie dieser (Days Like This) is the 39th single that can reach the charts. Number 3 is even the second highest rank a track offered by the band can reach. The band had huge support by performing on the show of the ECHO award ceremony. The announced album will give the single probably a further boost a few weeks later. For now it is quite interesting seeing how the song performs on sale. Most of the single of Die Toten Hosen started more or less strong and had lose commercial power very fast.

Having two new German songs at the very top of the list gives the recent issue three Top 10 hits in German. It is a situation last seen in October last year.Back then we had four German productions inside the Top 10.

Further German songs benefitting from the Echo award ceremony can be found inside the Top 20. Chemnitz based KRAFTKLUB jumps 30 places reaching number 14 with Songs für Liam. Silbermond comes back to number 19 with Himmel auf.

At number 37 a German legend comes back in the list. Cologne band BAP exists already 35 years. They have had chart hits over the past 30 years, only once they reached the Top 10. At the award ceremony they performed All die Augenblicke (All this Moments) accompanied by Clueso. The track enters at number 37 giving the band its highest chart place since 2001.

Winner of the Newcomer trophy Tim Bendzko can watch his hit Nur noch kurz die Welt retten rising again. It lands at number 47 in its 44th chart week. Wenn Worte meine Sprache wären re-enters at number 77. It is "only" the 25th week in the list.

All in all there are 34 German productions inside the Top 100. Actually nobody can say German music needs to be more supported and featured.

On April the 1st a new TV channel started in Germany.RTL NITRO broadcasts serials, movies and sitcoms. For advertising the start of its broadcasting British-Irish The Overtones were casted as testimonials. Their song Gambling Man reaches the list at number 30 a week before the channel was on air.

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