15-12: DSDS Returns To Power

It is only one week missing for Michel Teló and his hit Nooossaa! Ai Se Eu Te Pego! to match the all time record of being the longest running Number 1 hit in Germany coming from South America. This week the track rebounds to the top sum up its total to 10 weeks there.

After some weak episodes of recent DSDS season the casting show returns to old power. All of the significant moves at the top end of the list are somehow related to the show aired on 31st of March.

The strongest impact comes from a performance by contestant Daniele Negroni which generates an instant Top 5 hit. He staged with Forgive Forget–the recent single of Mando Diao side project CALIGOLA. It storms 26–4 giving the Swedish boys their second Top 10 hit in Germany after Dance With Somebody stalled at runners up position in 2009.

Highest new German production coming in at 13 is the new offering of cascada. Singer Natalie Horler one of the jurors of DSDS. Her dance project uses that advantage and is gonig to bring a new album in shops. Summer Of Love is the official single teaser. All in all it uses heavily well known dance formulas which makes the track a bit boring.

Although Summer Of Love is the highest new German track it is only the fourth most sold German productions. The small “invasion” of the last days emerged a strong presence at the top end of the survey led by Die Toten Hosen and their 30 anniversary single Tage wie diese (Days Like These) at number 6.

A big climber into the Top 20 is Gambling Man by Irish-British band The Overtones. It is used as the signet song for the new launched TV channel RTL Nitro. Right before the start of the channel the band performed on DSDS. As result the single jumps 30–16 in its second chart week.

Further stuff coming from Germany
UNHEILIG released the title track of the album Lichter der Stadt (Lights of the City) as full CD single. The song so far sneaked around as digital album cut. Now it jumps to number 31 in its third chart week. It is so far the second worst performing single of the band. Only the very first single An deiner Seite (On Your Side) released in 2008 before the big success of Geboren um zu leben ranked lower (position 49).

Sometimes it takes a little longer for gaining success. German-Swiss female duo BOY is the lates example of how a TV commercial campaign can bring broader attention. Theiy released their debut single Little Numbers back in September last year. It was highly anticipated by blogs and newspapers. A lot of people added the song to their playlists but the song never made it being a hit. It stalled at number 71 vanishing after four short weeks from the list. Instead the album Mutual Friends rose to number 9 inside the album charts. I guess that’s what one should call a good start. A few weeks ago German airline Lufthansa launched their new TV campaign linking the line with sweet owls and the sound of BOY. With airing the spot demand in the song rose again. Last week Little Numbers re-entered the list at 88 after an half year absence. This recent week the track climbs to number 71 matching the peak of last September.

The longest selling single of now is Sky And Sand by Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner coming from the movie Berlin Calling. The track became kind of an anthem of recent club life and made the brothers popular even to a mainstream audience. Paul turned that stardom into a number 2 album last summer. Fritz seems much more being a single star. His instrumental club tune WES was spread to the floor last November. It took a long long way for reaching the masses. This recent week it starts officially its chart life entering the list at number 73. Besides the title track the full EP contains also a track called Layer Cake.

Probably the most successfull femal German star is Helene Fischer. So far she sold over 2 million albums, she got her own TV show and her wax copy was raised at Madame Tussauds Berlin in last November. The single for upcoming summer is Die Hölle morgen früh. The song starts at number 74. Usually that kind of Schlager sound disappears very fast.

A significant new European production comes from the singer of a-ha. Morten Harket releases a second album named Out Of My Hands which is in shelves right now. The single teaser Scared Of Heights was released two weeks ago. With bride TV promotion the single lands at number 48 which is the best solo ranking for the Norwegian singer so far.

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