13-12: Switzerland vs. Eurodance

Nine weeks at the Top of Germany’s official singles charts. That’s what Brazilian Michel Teló is collecting so far with his anthem Nooossaa! Ai Se Eu Te Pego!. Nine weeks at the top–such a feat was last seen in October and November 2010 when Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole occupied the top slot for 10 consecutive weeks with his version on Over The Rainbow. An impressive hit at that time, still loved and often played, still ranging in the survey from time to time–last seen the week before at number 83. Anyway the singer is a one hit wonder in statistical terms. No other song recorded by him reached the singles list. Prospects are similar for Michel Teló. Having a huge hit often means to an artist that she/he is connected with that one song forever and never can offer something else that finds new friends. Good news are: the singer approaches the all time record for an act coming from South America. Shakira only is two more weeks ahead with her Nr.1 hit Whenever Wherever.

At number 3 a progress within the last 9 months comes to a new hiatus. Mike Candys Ft. Evelyn & Patrick Miller are the highest entering act at all and the next Swiss production landing in the German Top 10. 2012 ‘If The World Would End’ is the first one since DJ Antoine brought Welcome To St. Tropez to number 3 in August last year. Since than we had a couple of dance productions made in Switzerland invading the German list. Right now we have three Swiss acts inside the German Top 20–me personally don’t know when we had a situation like that the last time.

Further down the survey the DJ who started that little Swiss invasion a year ago comes in with a new track. This time DJ Antoine had chosen a track offered by Austrian fellow Rene Rodrigezz. Shake 3x also features the vocals of Austrian MC Yankoo who sounds like an European Pitbull. In Austria the track already was a hit in last September. In Germany it is the eighth track featuring a Swiss artist that ranks simultanously in the survey.

TV show of the week 16th to 22nd of March was Schlag den Raab (Beat the Raab) on Saturday 17th. Stefan Raab of course is a big player in TV and music business. He discovered and supported Swiss Stefanie Heinzmann in 2008–still she belongs to the inner circle of the Raab clan. At the show two weeks ago she performed her recent single Diggin’ In The Dirt which makes the sales increasing. The track lands at number 12. Benefitting much more of the appearance on TV Swedish CALIGOLA sees its single Forgive Forget jumping 16 places to number 16 after its performance in the show.

Seeing Swedish House Mafia entering the German list also, music coming from Sweden also making an increasing impact to the German market. Right now one can count four tracks of Swedish acts hanging around–five if one count the Steve Angello production of Taio Cruz’ Troublemaker. That track exactly shows the difference between the Swiss and the Swedish presence. Swedish acts are much more glabally involved. So the new track of the Swedish House Mafia is the soundtrack of the recent Absolut Vodka campaign called Greyhound. The video is an artificial trip into the future. The single lands at number 53.

Let’s have a look at German productions. Still leading the pack is Deichkind with Leider geil ranking at number 9 and Bück dich hoch slightly rising to number 11.

Best new offering coming from Germany is presented by surprising newcomer 2012 Glasperlenspiel (Glass Bead Game). The band continues with a second single Ich bin ich (I Am Me). It is a bubbly pop song reflecting about what is seen of a person by others and what is hide. So the song might tell a lot about modern relationships and love affairs. It starts chart life at 32.

A few places behind rock veteran Udo Lindenberg stops with his third unplugged single. It is 1989 song Reeperbahn in a reworked version as duet with Hamburg Jan Delay. They both performed as a duo twice before.

Further down the list UNHEILIG enters the survey with the title track of new album Lichter der Stadt (Lights Of The City). The album starts its chart life this week right at number one–the title track sneaks in the singles’ list at number 67. The song so far is available only as an album cut. The full CD single is released on 30th of March. Listening to the song one has to admit that UNHEILIG take new pathes. The sound is much more pop oriented. Never before I’ve heard the band that bright and joyfull.

European Dance Stuff seems a topic as four of all new enries fit to that genre.

Before David Guetta became the famous French export DJ it was Bob Sinclar who represented commercially successful club music coming from France. Seven years after his number 1 hit Love Generation the DJ and producer still releases material that can attract at least a bunch of clubbers. It is now a collaboration with Pitbull singer DragonFly and well known Fatman Scoop thatenters the list at number 45. Rock The Boat is kind of an oldschool sound. It completely abstains from rave oriented hook lines and trusts on the refrain and Pitbulls rap part. Of course a main attraction is the beat borrowed from Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics. Just try out the MashUp by Mike Candys for knowing what I’m talking about.

Pitbull this week also enters the list as a featured artist alongside british singer REDD. He now had already seven tracks in the charts this year which matches the result of Flo Rida so far. Having six tracks in the survey in this recent week Pitbull is the first act in 2012 doing so. Last year David Guetta was the one hanging around in that quantity for 14 weeks, Lena and Amy Winehouse at least managed it for a single week. In long time terms Pitbull is hard on the heels of David Guetta according to how many chart hits he could’ve launched. Having 14 different entries he falls only four tracks short in this decade so far.

German dance cover project Groove Coverage actually works on the 90ies revival. Think About The Way was a hit for rapper Ice MC in 1994. It was kind of a comeback after his first success and a three years pause. All in all it was his second biggest seller. Groove Coverage wants to announce the new album Riot On The Dancefloor with this offering. But number 53 is not the big impact. Although the cover is probably one of their most felicitous it is the second lowest chart placing for a track in the whole chart life of the project.

The new version and the original from 1994

DSDS impacts
Some sites report that viewing figures of recent season are disastrous. According to the impact the show makes on the charts one can attest a fading influence. This week big favourite and everybody’s darling Luca Hänni is the one again who attracted most. His performed song Use Somebody re-enters the list at number 66. It is already the 39th week for the Kings of Leon track. Propelled by the demand in Use Somebody also Sex On Fire can gain some more attention and climb to number 94 again in its 76th chart week.

Second favourite of the show on 17th of March was Daniele Negroni. He performed Oh Jonny by Jan Delay which appears afterwards at number 87 in the singles list.

The very last new entry in the list lands at number 92. It is hiphop made in Austria. Dame raps on what’s about gaming on Pave Low. Although it uses all the clichees of German ghetto hiphop it sounds different to most of rap productions coming from German speaking territory. Probably it makes a difference if one tells stories about the real virtual life than dreaming ‘bout being a hard and tough street kid.

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