12-12: Deichkind, Kraftklub, Tim Bendzko

Yeah! Hamburg trio Deichkind finally hits the Top 10. Their next announced single Leider geil (Sorry, wicked) is rising 13–6. It is the soundtrack to the actual life. You have to be aware of much things: pollution, sustainability, social issues, health … the fun things in life are completely different. A lot of people think like that and that’s the reason Leider geil is becoming more and more popular. The full CD release is scheduled for end of March. Will this be the first super hit for Deichkind? – So far it is the best selling track of its whole career. And this recent week it is the best sold German track as well.

Following on number 10 is UNHEILIG and the new single So wie du warst (Just as you were) and just behind it at number 12 again is Deichkind with Bück dich hoch (Stoop Up). Back at the Top 20 after the release of their album is MIA.. The Berlin band sees its single Fallschirm (Parachute) rising 10 places to number 18 again. The album Tacheles performs much better at number 3 in its initial week.

After the start of their tournee also The BossHoss can re-enter the Top 20. Don’t Gimme That stalls for this week at number 19.

Best new song of the week comes from Chemnitz based KRAFTKLUB (Power Club). They first had been listened to last autumn with their province anthem Ich will nicht nach Berlin (I don’t want to go to Berlin) that made a surprising number 5 at Bundesvision Song Contest. In February they released their debut album Mit K (With K) which immediately stormed to number 1 on the album list. With Songs für Liam the story continues. It is still music from the smaller towns but it has the power of fascinating not only the kids from there. It starts chart life at number 40 on downloads only. There are more things to come that will happen within the next two years certainly.

German newcomer 2011, winner of Bundesvision Song Contest and of the BAMBI award plus the 1live Krone – all these is Tim Bendzko. He now releases a third single from debut album Wenn Worte meine Sprache wären (If Words Would Be My Language). The track is named Ich laufe (I Run) and again it is a ballad. Bendzko sings about the ongoing life, the searching for luck and the truth that only stops at the very end. The song was available as a single download track before–that probably explains the low start at number 47 after it is released as a full CD single.

Supported by a very successful album Santiano is rising also in the singles list. Same titled song jumps 90–74 while the album is entering number 1. And also Jupiter Jones are on the road again and see their Still appearing back in the charts. Two days ago they won the ECHO award as the best radio song–so we will have the song for sure some more weeks inside the list.

Songs from German speaking territory
First let’s have a look at Switzerland which exports a lot of music these days. We find six tracks inside the list coming from there. Most successful mow is Stefanie Heinzmann. Her Diggin’ in The Dirt overtakes so far leading Ma chèrie by DJ Antoine.New material is dropped by another club act bringing us one of the biggest club hits of the 90s back at number 44. Originally Insomnia was a hit for Faithless in 1996–it stormed the dancefloors and the charts reaching number 2 where it held four weeks. In 2005 a remix was released and the tune since then is appearing again and again in the list cementing its status as a timeless classic. After the success of One Night In Ibiza Swiss DJ and producer Mike Candys can chart with his very first Swiss hit in Germany too. It is a re-work of Insomnia only slightly differing from the original. As companion his friend Jack Holiday appears as performer.

And another Swiss act stops for a short visit right now. It is DJ Bobo–probably the most successful Swiss act at all–who offers a new single from his latest album Dancing Las Vegas. Main track of the new release is La Vida Es–a typical eurodance track. The CD also contains a version on Volare and a live recording of Let The Good Times Row. The single dips to number 82. It is a certain thing that in next week time DJ Bobo is already disappeared again.

Best sold Austrian track is Brenna tuats guat (It Burns Well) by Hubert von Goisern after he had some performances in Northwest Germany. The track jumps 66–45 in its 20th chart week. For a dialect song not being good mood folcloristic Schlager it is an unbelievable chart career. He is joined by coutrymen Andreas Gabalier and DJ Ötzi.

DSDS impact
Also this week we can find some hits clearly profiting of the performance on the actual TV casting. March 10th the motto was “Party Hits”. Besides Ai Se Eu Te Pego and Titanium that are still in the list Give Me Everything gained most places jumping back into the list at 73. Given that it was not only the song but also the performer who had an impact on the new interest it was Hamed Anousheh who supported the all star collaboration between Pitbull, NE-YO, Afrojack & Nayer.The track already spent 42 weeks inside the German charts.

Exactly one year ago On The Floor by JLO Feat. Pitbull appeared in the list for the first time. Last week it dropped out for the first time since then. Now it appears once again at number 82 after Silvia Amaru staged with the song on DSDS. Unfortunatly the performance was highly anticipated but still she had to leave the show.

And the last DSDS influenced re-entry: Is he one of the favourites or not? Jesse Ritch can launch a song he performed in the list once again. This time it is Yeah 3x originally by Bobby Brown.

Last statistical gimmick at the end: this week we have the first survey since the start of 2009 without any Lady Gaga song mentioned. The lady had a consecutive three years chart presence till now. It is Marry The Night that drops off the charts as the last single of her. Hmmm … I promise you that the world still turns around. See ya all next week.

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