11-12: Hammer Hits?

Nooossaa! Ai Se Eu Te Pego! now is statistically the second most successful hit from the South American continent. By spending a seventh week at the Top Michel Teló’s song ranges right behind Shakira’s Whenever wherever that held a whole 11 weeks at Number 1 in springtime 2002.

The highest new entry this week again is a German one. After two casting show finalists and UNHEILIG’s next success it is now a veteran band that hits the Top 3. die ärzte exist for almost 30 years–they’re chart career spans over the past 25 years. Last time they appeared in the list it was the fourth single from their Number 1 album Jazz ist anders (Jazz Is Different) in late 2009. zeiDverschwÄndung (Waste Of Time) is the first regular offering of new material in the recent decade. By entering at number 3 it extends the span of Top 10 hits to a third decade but it is only their 10th hit reaching the Top 10.

The song itself is self ironically as the best songs of die ärzte. The three really ask “Isn’t it a waste of time being fan of die ärzte?” The answer is clear also: “It isn’t. There’s nothing better to do than adoring the band.”

DSDS Impact
Besides that new entry the chart is completely boring. The only significant chart moves are caused by TV casting Deutschland sucht den Superstar (DSDS). On Saturday, 2nd March the first themed show was aired. Hammerhits (Literally: Hammer Hits meaning of course Super Hits) were announced and it started with a Number 6 hit of real superstar Taio Cruz. He performed with all 10 candidates Troublemaker which gives the underperforming track a slight push back to number 16 in it’s 13th week. The big hammer hit is probably something else.

The great star of the show was this time Fabienne Rothe. She performed Wovon sollen wir träumen the recent hit for German Frida Gold and earned the highest votes of the audience. In the singles charts the original recording takes a leap 77–44 in its 49th chart week. Again the song is a hit but far and away from something to be called hammer like. – Also Silvia Amaru found her fans. With Domino she managed to get voted into the next show (where she had to leave) and propells the original by Jessi J back 87–54.

The romantic guy Jesse Ritch performed another rap ballad: So Sick originally the first hit for ne-yo reaching number 11 in 2006. It gets back at number 91. So far the story of what DSDS calls the most hammering hits.

The sport event of the weekend of 3rd March was the fight Klitchko vs. Mormeck. Some boxing fans told me the French man could have had fight the Ukrainian champion. Well, when I was watching the fight it never seemed so in any second. A musical traces left by the spectacle is the re-appearance of Klitchko’s entrance anthem: Can’t Stop by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Last time it swashed in the list the track gained its highest position ever. Now the charm of the tune is faded a bit–it lands at number 60 which still is the third highest position for the recording.

A last note besides at the end of this weeks column: with Stefanie Heinzmann climbing to number 20 we have two Swiss productions inside the German Top 20 which doubles the situation of last years September. Back than DJ Antoine and Mike Candys were the lucky acts. A few weeks later in November we had a whole five Swiss productions inside the German Top 100. This week they are still four. The small country right now establishes itself as a quarry of sucessful music. Just have a look at the origin of DSDS contestants …

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