10-12: UNHEILIG Is Back

Nothing new at the Top of the German singles charts: Brazilian Michel Teló holds the crown as Nooossaa! Ai Se Eu Te Pego! is the most sold single track for a sixth week now. In statistic terms it is now the longest running number 1 since New Age by Marlon Roudette that had an eight weeks hold at the Top spot back in September and October.

The story of the week is about the new offering coming fromUNHEILIG. So wie du warst (As You Were)–the pre-release to album Lichter der Stadt (Lights Of The City)–storms to Number 2 equalling the result of Geboren um zu leben that is still the most succesful single of the band and which is entering number 61 in its 99thchart week. That total of weeks narrowly misses to be the best result for a German song. Best German production counts this recent week 100 weeks–it is Sky And Sand by Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner. And one song still has seven weeks more under his belt. It is Ein Stern (der deinen Namen trägt) by Austrian duet DJ Ötzi & Nik P. that so far holds the crown of most collected chart weeks. Let’s wait till the end of May–than that survey could be completely changed.

UNHEILIG is one of the most present German project of the recent decade. Only Berlin culcha candela appeared more often in the charts within the last two years. But UNHEILIG beats the dancehall ethno-group due to the fact that So wie du warst is already the fourth Top 10 hit. Only Lena Meyer-Landrut has had that much tracks inside the Top 10 in the past two years.

New single So wie du warst is a ballad where one is offering support and shelter for difficult situations. As mostly in the case of UNHEILIG there is a strong relation to the situation when people have to die–of course it is lyrically wrapped, so everybody can listen to the track singing along the lyrics and don’t felling disturbed.

By starting at number 2 So wie du warst is the most successful German track this week. Still at runner’s up position is surprisingly Ivy Quainoo and her Do You Like What You See outselling the new MIA. single Fallschirm (Parachute). That track announces the new album and it is bubbly pop celebrating the life and the fun of starting things again and again.

A certain big hit in the next future is Deichkind’s Leider Geil (Sorry, Wicked). So far the track is only available as an album cut. In it’s third week it reaches number 17. And finally a video was released plus the anouncement that Leider geil is the next official single of Deichkind. Probably the track will become the first Top 10 hit for the Hamburg quartet. So far Bück dich hoch (Stoop Up) holds at number 12 meaning Deichkind has two simultanous hits inside the Top 20.

All in all we find 22 German productions inside the Top 100. That is a comfortable situation.

Casting show hits and further TV related re-entries
February 25th the first live show of 2012 season of Deutschland sucht den Superstar (Germany Looks For The Superstar; German version on Idols) was aired. And of course it propells some tracks back up the list. Biggest gainer is The A Team originally recorded by Ed Sheeran.. On TV the big show favourite Luca Hänni from Switzerland performed the song which boosts the original 23–14. Two weeks ago the track already was propelled to number 9 for a single week after a performance of Ed Sheeran. at the final of The Voice of Germany.

Next favourites–at least for the semi-final– seem to be Dennis Richter and Jesse Ritch. Both convince the (female) audience by chosing romantic ballads. Dennis’ performed I Won’t Let You Go which lifts the original recording by James Morrison back in the list. It reaches number 54 in its 22nd chart week, back in October it surprisingly stalled at number 11 denying the singer a second Top 10 hit in Germany. Anyway it is the second biggest seller for the British singer.

Jesse chose a Number 1 hit from the year 2005. Let Me Love You was the only real hit for USAmerican MARIO. Believe it or not–the track only spent 15 weeks inside the charts in 2005. Such short careers were quite common 7 years ago. Now the song is back at number 66 in the list–certainly it will leave very soon again.

Dennis Richter mit "I Won’t Let You Go"

With much more rhythm and soul Daniele Negroni offered his version on Forget You / F**k You. The original recording by Cee Lo Green was a hit in 2010–it is back now at number 94. The only girl generating an instant re-entering hit was Fabienne Rothe who performed Just Hold Me originally recorded by Norwegian Maria Mena. The song was her biggest hit sneaking 52 weeks through the list. Now it clings on at number 95.

Casting shows are generating hits for teenies (and maybe some few twens)–Carmen Nebel does the same with her show for older ones. Last year she spotted on Andreas Gabalier who is now a well known act in Germany too. The show aired on 25th February featured the band Santiano from North Germany. A month ago they were totally unknown–meanwhile they have a Top 3 album launched. After their performance at the show also the title track Santiano enters the singles list. Number 76 is so far not the huge impact but one should take in account the full release of the CD single which is scheduled for March 23rd.

Mentioning hit making TV appearances this week a third show makes an impact. The new season of Die ultimative Chartshow (The Ultimate Chart Show) counted the most successful German male singer. German was probably ment as the language used for the lyrics. Winner according to the show is Austrian Falco, a week before it was Sarah Connor who was crowned as the most successful German female singer. In the show on 24th February Joachim Witt performed his hit Die Flut as the 19th most successful German singer–the recording enters the list after a two years pause at number 92.The singer now does have a 30 year long chart career. In 1982 he started with his Der goldene Reiter (The Golden Horseman). – Duetting partner on Die Flut Peter Heppner by the way has announced a new album for April.

Further releases from DE / CH and NL
Swiss Stefanie Heinzmann also is back with a new album. First single Diggin’ In The Dirt is available since February and enters at number 28. The song is one of her strongest. Unfortunately the big media hype is over and so the huge success keeps waiting in Germany. In her home country the single performs much better and is right after the start the second biggest success for her.

German gangster rap scene is very active these days. Of course Bushido and Sido are still the leading the pack in commercial terms. But there are almost every week another release from the crowd appearing. More or less the quantity of these recordings stalls somewhere in the downer regions of the charts. Though it is a sign of the popularity of the genre.

This week it is FLER accompanied by SILLA (more known as Godsilla) who offer the leading single to their new album Südberlin Maskulin II (South Berlin Male II). The single includes two tracks Bleib wach (Stay awake) and Pitbull. The new sound of the rappers includes some autotune effects and is slightly party oriented. Simultanously the lyrics become kind of softer. I never would call it mainstream or clever but there are some phrases modifying the well known macho attitude. Anyway it is music for a very narrow market. Starting at number 79 clearly underlines that fact.

Finally Dutch Bingo Players deliver the dance track of the week. Rattle is a club tune sneaking around for some months. It is available as a download track since end of January and now climbs into the list at number 91.

Last trivia on the chart: M.I.A is back with her only solo hit Paper Planes which reached number 76 in 2008. The new single Bad Girls so far did not chart. Will the year 2012 bring the big breakthrough for her?

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