08-12: The Final of TVoG

It is the fourth week at the top for Michel Teló and his Nooosssaa! Ai Se Eu Te Pego! and probably it will stay for another week there as it is the biggest carneval party hit right now. Statistically we now have two consecutive singles spending at least a month at the top. The last time we whitnessed such a feat was back in late spring past year. Than back it was JLO feat. Pitbull spending five weeks at the top with On The Floor before German Superstar winner Pietro Lombardi hold the crown for four weeks with Call My Name.

At the runner’s up position the winner of The Voice of Germany lands. It is–you already know it–20 years old Ivy Quainoo. It might have surprised some fans due to the fact that none of her performances had charted before. Obviously she was kind of a sleeper overtaking all contestants with her amazing Do You Like What You See which is a great pop song at all. Honestly it could be the title song for any James Bond Movie. Her coaches–The BossHoss– doubtlessly did a good job. It’s really a pity that a casting winner song never has the chance of getting a real hit in Germany. Number 2 says everything. And the performance at iTunes after a week is ... devastating.

The four competitors of Ivy Quainoo also storm the list. Michael Schulte–the third on the show–can make it into the Top 10 too. His ballad Carry Me Home lands at a proper number 8. It is already his third chart entry. He also lifts British Ed Sheeran. into the Top 10. After he performed with the newcomer star the song The A Team at the final show the original single jumps to number 9 and the just released album + enters the album list at number 12.

I’m only allowed to embed the acoustic version of „Carry Me Home“ sung at a private radio channel –sorry!

Also the runner’s up on the show Kim Sanders can launch with her final song a third chart entry in 2012. As she had a career as a singer already Haunted is her eighth track at all that can reach the Top 100. By halting at number 13 it is so far her best performing song. I would add: it is really the best and most ambitious song she ever recorded.

Fourth candidate Max Giesinger performed a more rock oriented song, but obviously that style wasn’t the favourite one of the audience. Nearly 18% of votes was a clear result. Sales afterwards speak a different language. Dach der Welt (Roof Of The World) starts its chart life at number 14. (No video or soundclip available, sorry) His duet with Katie Melua gives the guest star a re-appearance of her hit Nine Million Bycicles at number 97. It’s the first time since Ovtober 2007 that the song can reach the charts.

The strong impact of the show and their appearance inside the Top 20 results in a complete number of six German productions in the upper fifth of the chart. Such a feat was last seen in late October the past year. The question is: How sustainably that German power can establish itself?

Having the four finalists in the list ain’t everything TVoG can achieve. Also two participants kicked off at the semi final a week before bring their own songs into the survey. The tracks were not available before the final show and of course all the attention spotted to the Big Four. Hence it is more than impressive watching Mic Donet flying to number 36 with Losing You. That result corresponds with the voting of the show–more than 56% wanted him to stay, coach Xavier Naidoo instead chose Max Giesinger. Maybe Mic Donet can attest himself as the really big winner of the show. Just let’s wait til all candidates have released their albums. So far Losing You is at least as strong as winning song Do You Like What You See. It’s soulful, packed with power and simply overwhelming.

The official recording is blocked at all platforms, so I can only refer to following beat remix by DJTabou

Second semi finalist having a chart hit with a personal song is Sharron Levy. Her version on Somebody That I Used To Know still is in the list, now Drowning can appear also. Starting its chart life at number 87 it certainly will disappear soon. Whether Sharron Levy will have a life as a (commercially successful) singer is still in question.

Well, the casting show was the big hitmaker of the week. But there are still some further action going on. Let’s have a last look back at the Top 10: Turn Me on is the next big hit for French DJ David Guetta. End of January new remixes were released, a few days later a proper video appeared on TV and internet and the full CD single is announced for March 9th. Meanwhile the track jumps 23–10 giving David Guetta his first Top1 0 hit in 2012 but his 11th within the past three years. He is so far the most successful chart act of the recent decade. Featured singer Nicki Minaj adds a third Top 10 hit to her account. Two of them she achieved alongside David Guetta. Since the start of February she additionally is the new face of the MAC Viva Glam campaign that collects money for some charity activities–probably she’s on the way to become a really big superstar.

The recent list reflects the time span starting February 10th ending February 16th. On February 11th a big star of the 80ies died. You already know about whom I’m talking–it is Whitney Houston. So we see five hits of her re-appearing in the list. Her best known and probably her signature song I Will Always Love You is also the one purchased by most people remembering her. The song originally recorded by country star Dolly Parton in 1974 became a hit for Whitney Houston in 1992/93 as the main title for the movie Bodyguard. It occupied the number 1 spot for six weeks in early 1993. Another song from the movie Run To You can appear at number 98 again this week.

Further down the list one can find also the (inofficial) anthem for the Olympic Games in 1988 One Moment In Time that made it for two weeks in October to number 1. The number 2 hit My Love Is Your Love from 1999 enters at number 64 and her latest chart track I Look To You released in 2009 appears once again at number 84.

Besides these top stories there are some German news yet left.
Rosenstolz offers a second single from their recent album Wir sind am Leben (We’re Alive). Lied von den Vergessenen (Song Of The Forgotten) tells about the ones besides the main society. The video reflects on migrant people in poorness but the lyrics are much more open so almost everyone can be a lonely, misunderstood and a forgotten one. The single comes as a double A side featuring also Wie lang kann ein Mensch tanzen? (How Long A Human Could Dance?)
If you’re located outside Germany you can watch the main video here. If not: the youtube/GEMA struggle is to be solved in court in April 2012–keep fingers crossed)

In the album list Hamburg based Deichkind shots to number 2 with their album Befehl von ganz unten (Order From Far Below). It is absolutely the best sold album of their whole 12 year long career. As an effect the track Leider geil (Sorry, Wicked) lands at number 38. Promised, that electro rap track will sweeten a lot of summer parties this year for sure.

Try the Decalicious Mix also

I warned you for several weeks of the approaching carnival season. Also this week we see some typical moves of very simple Schlager tracks. The winner this issue is Mickie Krause who sees his Schatzi, schenk mir ein Foto (Darlin’, Give Me A Photo) rises twelve places to number 39 reaching a new peak. So far the track peaked at number 40 in past summer as one of the big Mallorca party hits. Now in its 36th week at all the track counts as one of the slowest riser (if you refer to the weeks spent in the charts). Only four songs had a longer run before reaching their peak, Schöne Maid (Pretty gal) by Tony Marshall in 1972 had a 39 week climb, Belgian Vaya Con Dios needed 40 chart weeks and a remix by Milk&Sugar to rocket up to number 7 a year ago, the Christmas anthem Last Christmas by Wham! took 72 weeks before it peaked at number 4 in 2008 and finally Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner saw their sleeping hit Sky And Sand appearing 83 times inside the charts to reach a number 29 in November 2011 as their highest rank ever achieved. Appeared for the first time in the list a year ago Schatzi, schenk mir ein Foto is kind of a fast riser–we’ve seen already three tracks this year reaching their peaks three years or more after their first entry.

Also cologne band HÖHNER. (Chicken) sets kind of personal records. Re-entering with Schenk mir dein Herz (Give Me Your Heart) and 6 bis 8 Stunden Schlaf (6 To 8 Hours Of Sleep) they right now appear for a 15th consecutive year in the charts. From all acts listed in 2012 so far only two have a longer unbroken presence in the charts. It is again Wham! with their seasonal anthem and singer Xavier Naidoo solo or as part of Söhne Mannheims. Both count 16 consecutive years of having at list one chart entry inside the German charts.

Finally also Tim Toupet sneaks again into the list with his So ein schöner Tag also known as Fliegerlied. The song was the hit of carneval season 2009–it attracts once again a lot of fools partying around these days.

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