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What a week: 13 new entries! Only once this year we had more. It was the list of March 4th that welcomed 14 new tracks. – Well, two years ago it was quite usual having 20 or more new tracks in one single week. Times change fast.

13 new tracks doesn’t mean a lot of action. The Top 10 (and even the Top 20) looks almost static: Highest mover as mentioned before is Tim Bendzko who rises 6–3 with Nur noch kurz die Welt retten. Right behind him and a week after its full release Lady Gaga’s The Edge Of Glory slowly fades down. After its raise to number 3 last week it now slides down one place to number 4. Anyway it is the 7th song of Lady Gaga that at least peaked inside the Top 3. The big gainer of last week Lucenzo feat Don Omar and their Danza Kuduro is nailed at number 7. The story behind the track shows that it isn’t „real“ Kuduro at all …
Rising back to the peak she gained almost two month ago Brooke Fraser founds a lot of fans. After her album Flags peaked at number 6 two weeks ago the single Something In The Water benefits from the interest and rose back 13–9–8.

Highest gainer this week is the swiss-russian-american collaboration between DJ Antoine vs Timati feat. Kalenna. The remix of the english version of Welcome To St. Tropez jumps 20–12 and makes Timati the firstRussian artist hitting the Top 20 sinc t.A.T.u. did so in 2003 and 2005. DJ Antoine is the best ranking Swiss act in Germany since the heydays of Stefanie Heinzmann in 2008. So far it took the track 17 weeks for getting finally that high – it started somewhen inApril at a low number 79. Assuming the track will rise further the next week one can say already now: that’s what we call a chart career full of tension.

The russian version:

The remix:

Also on the rise – although much slower – Katy Perry with Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) is. She moved so far 22–21–18–17. Will she finally reach the Top 10?

All the tracks new in the list gather lower than position 30. Nine of them are German productions. What sounds exciting is indeed not that powerful. The most successful German tracks are still the same:
1. Tim Bendzko Nur noch kurz die Welt retten
2. Jupiter Jones Still
3. Frida Gold Wovon sollen wir träumen
All three inside the Top 20 and all three using the German language – that’s quite a feat.

Most successfull German track new on CD is Schatzi, schenk mir ein Foto (Honey, Give Me A Fotograph) which is newly released in a summer version including new Mallorca party mixes. The discofox techno sound still is very very popular in Germany and especially in Germans holiday destinations like Mallorca. So the new mixes caused a new interest – the party song now reaches a new peak at number 40 almost axactly 6 months after the song first appeared in the charts.

With the new edition the credits were changed by the company. The first release from the early 2011 was credited to Mickie Krause feat. Ko&Ko as the brothers from the Netherlands who wrote the song in original were participating in the recording as well. The new release only shows Mickie Krause at the cover although the version together with Gebroeders Ko is on the CD as well. The brothers probably don’t mind cause they are right now a featured act on Markus Becker’s new single. The Mallorca singer recorded their Heli-Heli Helikopter and took both into the studio as well. The result is now in shops and starts in the charts at number 52.

And there is a third Mallorca discofox party song originally released in Dutch entering the German charts. It is Dos cervezas por favor by Belgian (Flamish) actor Tom Waes which is now translated into German by Ina Colada. Do I have to say something more about that …? – Well, it enters at number 59 and gives Miss Colada a second chart hit.

The Dutch original:

The German version (no official video acvailable):

And another stupid Mallorca hit: Vater Abraham (…hat 7 Söhne) (Father Abraham has 7 sons) by Tim Toupet also released as CD on 15th of July (I guess it’s quite unique that all these tracks appear in one week – probably the labels have some commitments). It starts at posiiton 76.

The Other New German Releases (and there are a lot!)

The Beatsteaks also have a new single. Automatic is not that significant as predecessor Cheap Moments was, but it sells much better – probably cause its kind of the title track of their album Boombox. Automatic starts at number 43. It is nothing more than the third track of the Beatsteaks reaching the upper half of the charts.

Jennifer Rostock had their first hit in 2008 after taking part at Stefan Raab’s Bundesvision Song Contest. Since than they appear continouosly with new material – they are one of the few German electropunk bands with a major label contract. Now their third album Mit Haut und Haar (Neck And Crop) is released – two weeks before the single Keiner nimmt mir Mein Mikrofon (Nobody Can Take Away My Microphone – sometimes shortened to Mein Mikrofon) is out. It is a powerful song about the strong will not to be silent and live own dreams. The band continues in their own style – only the refrain seems a little more mass compatible than earlier recordings. In September the band again will take part at Bundesvision Song Contest. Than a new single will be available.

New Single coming from Samy Deluxe is PoesieAlbum (Autograph Album) – it is the lead single of recent album Schwarz Weiss (Black White). Samy Deluxe is one of the serious German rap stars concerning more about society and life than their colleagues from AGGRO Berlin or ersguterjunge. Listening to the new track it is indeed a battle good vs. bad HipHop – very self-referred, but in musical terms a masterpiece. I’ve never heard before a German hiphop star rapping that fast – unbelievable. The first position for PoesieAlbum is number 63.

Söhne Mannheims (Sons Of Mannheim) are kind of a super group. Led by German soul singer no.1 Xavier Naidoo they already have four albums under their belt – all sold in proper amounts reaching top positions of the album list. The second single of their recent album is Freiheit. According to their homepage it is a hommage to the Arabian spring revolutions. The lyrics are much more unspecific defining what freedom is. A soulful ballad as well known from the sons – unfortunatly that’s what most people think, the track just can enter position 77

The new Söhne Mannheims single muc more supports the last Xavier Naidoo single. Bitte hör nicht auf zu träumen (Please Don’t Stop Dreaming) had achieved some new interest during last weeks. It is quite unknown what really caused the new popularity. At least last reports that Xavier Naidoo will be member of a jury at announced TV show The Voice Of Germany might making people more focused on him. Bitte hör nicht auf zu träumen is rising actually to number 45 the highest place since start of this year.

Four years ago the summer hit was a Spanish one sung by a band from Hannover: Marquess. The four guys had a lot of fun and almost three years of real success. Than they made a two years break and now they are back again. With a Spanish song of course named Chapoteo. Unfortunatly they didn’t get the real new idea in the last two years. It is an easy melody, it is a song with simple lyrics – and it is not at all that kind of catchy tune some others of them were. That’s a pity. The comeback starts at number 70.

Dancefloor project Michael Mind Project started last week with Ready Or Not. It is a track on which Sean Kingston sings – it entered the list at 55. Now it tumbles down to 71.

At last a trivia: at wednesday 20th July the German TV broadcasted Song Beneath The Song probably the most emotional episode of the 7th season of Grey’s Anatomy. This episode is made as a complete musical – one of the songs appearing in the show is Chasing Cars. Obviously it moved the German auditorium as well – the original recording by Snow Patrol enters the German charts for a 61st week at 78. Here is the scene in question.

And finally Disney serial Lemonade Mouth arrives in German free TV. First track appearing in the charts is Determinate which sneaks in at position 92. +

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