Nr.1 Battle + First X-mas Releases

Once again R(ihanna) is the one who grabs the honour of being number 1 in Germany. Plus – once again Rihanna does so by rising from a place not being number 1. It is the second time that We Found Love reclaims the top position after left that one before. The last track and artist doing so was Keri Hilson with her I Like almost exactly two years ago. Back than Aura Dione and Lady Gaga where the combatants disturbing a consecutive run at the top. In 2011 it was again Aura Dione and a new star named Flo Rida who doing similar to Rihanna.

The rise back to number 1 is all but surprising. Talk That Talk – the new album of Rihanna appeared in shops and enters at number 3 within the album list. Big album releases very often cause a new interest in single hits. So We Found Love really benefits from the album release. It is the fourth week of the track as the most sold one in Germany.

The second big album release comes from Canadian NICKELBACK. They even outsell Rihanna with their new offer Here And Now – in the single’s survey When We Stand Together jumps back 18–9.

Their are more album effects inside the recent list. Finnish Sunrise Ave see their hollywood hills jumping back 97–73 and jessie.J re-enters the list with Price Tag at 74. Both acts released a deluxe re-edition of their latest albums.

The next big (sales) event is knocking at the door: Christmas. Last week Justin Bieber with Mistletoe clocked up the charts. This week menowin enters with Waiting For Christmas at 27. It’s the second single of the runner’s up superstar from 2010. As the list from iTunes shows the track could rise much higher during next weeks which could enable menowin as the recently most successful contestant from last year’s season.
For the video and song please check out the clipfish tube for yourself – embedding the video is not allowed

Of course also well known Christmas anthems start appearing inside the list: Last Christmas by WHAM! stops at 52 and Mariah Carey re-enters with All I Want For Christmas Is You at 75. Further down the charts one can find also Melanie Thornton with Wonderful Dream (Holidays Are Coming) and the (unbelievably terrible) German contribution Küss mich, halt mich, lieb mich (Kiss me, hold me, love me) by Ella Endlich.

No Christmas story at all but a TV inspired spontaneous "hit" comes in at 63. The Supertalent show of November 19th presented Viennese Caroline Kreutzberger singing Pour que tu m’aimes encore. The song was a hit for Céline Dion in a lot of countries however not in Germany. Right after the performance the original enters the German list for the very first time.
Also RTL is keeping its videos available only on the channel’s own site – or go to Caroline’s facebook site for wathcing her version.

Two new German productions show up for new in the charts.
German dance project r.i.o. launched a succeeder to the hit Turn This Club Around. On Animal again U.S. born singer U-Jean delivers the voice. The track enters the list on downloads only at number 68 and stalls far behind the predecessor which ranges still at position 32. The full CD release of Animal appeared December 2nd – so wait a fortnight for comparing the power of both releases.

The next viral hit from Germany enters at number 100. It is a dance production – of course. FFF stands for „Fucking, feeding off, watching TV“ and the track is full with (minimal) slogans of our daily life. Originally released in early summer the track found its way to the clubs, into playlists and of course into the net. The video so far were watched over a million times on youtube. It is really on time for bringing the track to proper commercial hit status as well. The heads behind the track are Eichensohn/Davenstedt – two DJs who want to be unkown. They always appear as two clowns spreading the story that they met in Berlin buying a collection of Boney M.-hits. Well, doesn’t matter anyway who they are and where they come from – the track is probably one of the most consistent (mainstream) dance tracks of the last months. Enjoy the video!

For all non-German speaking people: there is an English version available also:

And please look for the Turkish, Russian, Japanese, Spanish ... version for your own!

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