Strong German acts: Lombardi - Engels - Bendzko

Once again TV is the tool for making hits. In our actual case a TV show does have the power of rebounding a former Number 1 hit back to the top. Germany’s last big show for the whole family Wetten dass...? (Bet That...) was aired on 18th of June from Mallorca presenting Jennifer Lopez as well as Sarah Engels & Pietro Lombardi. The result: JLO shoots 4–1 giving her and companion Pitbull a sixth week at the top spot. On The Floor now matches the six week run of Bruno Mars’ grenade back in spring this year and it is the track spending most weeks inside the Top 10 this year. Much more impressive than this statistics is the fact that On The Floor returns after a six weeks break at the top. We’ve seen such a feat almost a year ago when Lena gained another single week at the top right after winning the Eurovision Song Contest. It was the first time in chart history that a single returned back to the top after more than a month absence. Now history repeats itself. Does this means we have to expect much more rebounders the next years?

At number 2 the DSDS love couple Sarah & Pietro enters the list with new single I Miss You. It is a very pink r’n’b-pop-ballad – sounding very American and I’m really wondering that such 90ies sound can make it that high in 2011. Well, the audience of Wetten dass…? is something between 14 and 79, women older than 65 love the show – their taste IS conservative.

For Pietro Lombardi it is just the right time to launch a second hit – his girlfriend (are they still a couple?) really does a feat. Having two Number 2 hits in a row she is now the second most successful not-winner of DSDS and probably the most succesfull runners up contestant. Mike Leon Grosch – the second place in 2006 – had a singlenumber 1 hit the same year. And Daniel Küblböck – number 3 in the very first season – had three top 10 hits in 2003 /2004. The first one You Drive Me Crazy shooting to number one for two weeks. Both of them are forgotten right now. It is very likely that Sarah Engels goes that way too.

Also the second track entering the Top 10 is a German one. Tim Bendzko is one of the young German artists with huge expectations. This week his debut album starts at number 4 in the album list. The single Nur noch kurz die Welt retten (Just have to save the world) profits of the release and rises 15 – 9. It is the complete opposite of the Engels/Lombardi production. Stripped down, authentic and very lyrical. Probably Tim Bendzko will have a much longer musical career.

Third successful German track is Jupiter Jones that is rising 12 – 11 with Still (Calm). Inside the Top 20 are cascada and Andreas Bourani also meaning we do have six German productions in the upper region of the chart. That’s pretty much … Plus Frida Gold is waiting at position 21 – we talk about that later for sure.

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