Appendix: Recent German Releases

It is still the time for former DSDS contestants. The winners of the recent season are on top with a new single. Last year’s winner Mehrzad Marashi just offered the teaser for his upcoming new album. Anna-Maria Zimmermann – the 6th of the 2006 season – is back with a new album and also number 3 of 2009 – Annemarie Eilfeld – known as the beast of the show offers a new release. As most of the others her career also looks like a daily soap. After a minor hit last autumn she splitted up with her producer George Glueck, changed her image, name and management and now comes as a German schlager singing artist. Seele unter Eis (Soul under Ice) is simple in a melodic and lyrical sense. When I was listening to the song for the first time I really felt back in the 80ies: Synth pop at its best ... unfortunatly we’re just counting 2011. I guess her new producing team is aiming at a different target group than before. People over 60 for example. It is a bad thing these people doesn’t buy music that much. Seele unter Eis only starts at number 67 in the singles list. Probably the upcoming album performs better.

Further down the list upcoming Mallorca party season is arriving. First of the hits only endurable drunken is Schatzi, schenk mir ein Foto (Honey, give me a photograph) that was often played in last Apres-Ski / Carneval season. In original the song was recorded by Dutch duo Gebroeders Ko in 2009. It became popular in Germany as well when it was offered in a German version by Vollker Racho and Marc Pircher. In November 2010 party king Mickie Krause recorded a new version credited to Ko&Ko as featured artists too. The single charted for seven weeks climbing to number 46 in early March. A new mix of the recording called Party Version 2011 is scheduled for release for mid-July. That one is credited to Mickie Krause only but I hardly doubt that he recorded the track newly. Well – in expectation of that new unbelievable mix the old track finds some buyers again and the recent chart lists the track new at number 90. I promise we will find that track much higher soon.

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