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I owe you a look at the new German singles the week 10th to 16th June. Here they are:

What to do if a former star tries to launch a new release or show? Well – let’s remix one of the proper hits again and sell it as version x.0. That’s how it exactly works in the case of Michelle & Matthias Reim. Michelle never really was that kind of super star in Germany. She became famous for her attempts at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2001 when she ended up at position 8 withWer Liebe lebt (Who does live love). A few months later she had another minor hit with Idiot in companion with Matthias Reim. Than she more or less disappeared as a singer only making headlines cause of illness or financial problems. Right now she is chosen as a judge member for the imitation TV show My Name Is. So she really needs a kind of recall.

Matthias Reim had a huge success with Verdfammt ich lieb dich (Damn I Love You) which occupied the top spot of the German charts for 16 (!) weeks in summer 1990. It is still the second longest runner at Number 1 right behind Boney M.’s Rivers Of Babylon. He could launch two further hits the following years – but then he only could attract a hard core of fans. The new century saw him raising as an album star. Last year he released his 13th album called Sieben Leben (Seven Lives). It went number 5 within the album list. At the beginning of June he released a Live album and a Best of-CD is scheduled for end of July.

Both obviously would appreciate some support by a single release. Their company decided to revive the track Idiot from 2002. The track is telling a story about a couple in love which broke up and meet again after years realizing that there is still a strong emotion between them. The right stuff for romantic lovers of simple German Schlager. The track went number 34 in the year of its first release – some remixes and updated versions were released the following years. Now one can have a live version (included at Matthias Reim’s Live album) or a clean new recorded 2011 take. Both sales together give the track a re-entry at number 52 last week.

The live version 2011

Same style – Anna-Maria Zimmermann. She started her career as a contestant of DSDS in 2006. Two years later she released herfirst single becoming a medium hit . Last autumn she had a bad accident in a helicopter and now she is back with 100.000 leuchtende Sterne (100.000 shining Stars). It is a song not hooked to the usual discofox sound – it refers more to classic rock’n’roll beat accompanied by an 80ies electro guitar sound. Strange enough to enter the list at position 60 which is the highest Anna-Maria Zimmermann ever had.

After a two years break LaFee is back. Well known as a rock girl using some explizit lyrics she know seems more calmed down and settled. Ich bin (I Am) is an orchestral rock ballad using some electronic equipment also. Seems that a bad girl gets adult. The fans do love more the old one – the new single only enters the list at number 80 – it is the second lowest entry ever for her.

Even harder is life for last year’s superstar Mehrzad Marashi. After two big hits and a well sold album he broke up with his „master“ Dieter Bohlen. Now he offers his second album Change Up including single Beautiful World. It is soft pop sound as well – but last years star is not interesting anymore. It’s also scary how fast teenager can forget their idols. Beautiful World enters at number 85 – I guess we see the man for the last time around.

Though Eskalation enters as low as number 88 it is in fact the highest position for DJ duo Rob & Chris. In 2009 / 2010 they had a club hit called Superheld (Super hero). Especially in Austria it became a bigger success. Eskalation is copying last year’s Atzen sound – unfortunately the very unique is completely missing in this production. Hmm – I would appreciate to dance to a next Superheld.

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