Do we have to fight for German music?

Let me tell you briefly whats going on in German mainstream music market: almost nothing! – The stories of the week are already told: Romanian summer pop is popular right now and a TV show generates some hits (even for big stars). Unfortunately that show prefers international music. But it is not that bad with German music.

Watching German productions in detail we witness Jupiter Jones finally overtaking Pietro Lombardi as the act with the best sold track. Although Still is dropping slowly 10–12 it will sneak around this regions for a few weeks more. But we do have to look for the next strong hit coming from Germany. It is not Tim Bendzko who performs strong again rising 17–15 with his Nur noch kurz die Welt retten (Just have to save the world). All in all we find still five German acts inside the top 20 – that’s a strong performance and I really do not understand, why there is again an initiative to promote German music ... or even worse: German lyrics! Of course radio stations in Germany do not love German lyrics but that’s a general problem – they also do not play popular hits. It is a marketing decision to focus on black music or more rock oriented sounds. There are some pure dance stations too. I guess the association for German Language should fight for a greater range of variety in music, airplay and language. That would be an idea!

I will tell you some more about new German music later – stay tuned!

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