That's what European party pop sounds like: East vs. West

Seven of the 10 best sold tracks in Germany in the week 6th to 12th May name at list one European act as main artist. Pretty much! The Top 5 is completely ruled by European producers (if you count RedOne as a European too which is not completely correct). Perhaps we might witness a further run of European acts to the top – the German „super stars“ probably will loose their crown of being the most sold tracks in Germany. But there are several tracks of the Eurovision contest performing really strong within the recent iTunes charts.

Let’s go back to the official media control chart which is reflecting some older events. A new European hit (in both meanings coming from Europe plus being popular all over Europe) lands in the German list at number 27. It is Romian Alexandra Stan who comes with Mr. Saxobeat – well known Romanian Euro pop like served by INNA still catchy – the video more or less simple (I would call it Eastern Europe like but we all know – there are some people living in Eastern Europe as well who really not share the cliché of the men eating and sexy high heel woman). Having Edward Maya, INNA and Alexandra Stan in the charts within a year means a Romanian pop invasion never seen before. The country seems to really take a place on the map of pop music.

From the opposite of Europe comes Bob Sinclar. The other French DJ who invaded the German charts a few years ago is back with a infectious „collaboration“. He took one of the signature tracks of 1977 from Italy A Far L’Amore Comincia Tu sung by Italian star Raffaella Carra and did a 2011 rework. A funny video shot in Milano featuring a lot of fashion stars like Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana and ready is the new hit. Indeed the original was a European hit climbing to number 9 in the UK (under the title Do It Do It Again) and reaching number 4 in Germany making her known as a one hit wonder in these countries. In Italy (and as well in Spain) she is still a star – just presenting the Italian results at the Eurovision final.

The remix Far L’Amore comes to Germany via Switzerland and Austria where the track already ranks as a medium hit. IN Germany it starts its chart life at position 64.

The original video shot in Milan and a reworked one which is in a way tough also (hope it won’t be blocked that fast

The DSDS final shows the biggest impact on the overall sales. Number 1 and 2 are the final contestants. And even a song again performed in the show jumps up the list again although it did so several times before. I’m talking bout Run made famous by Leona Lewis. Her take is again a massive downloaded hit jumping 58 – 26 in the weekly survey. And again: I really don’t know who did not yet bought that track. It is the 63rd chart week at all – the 33rd alone during her recent chart run.

Another funny DSDS effect: Marchin’ on by OneRepublic is back in the chart after a three months break. It enters at position 92 – I guess that new interest is caused by the very often mentioned similarities between winning song Call My Name.

Smaller new hits arrive at the very end of the chart. Spanish musician HUECCO enters with Idiota a single released in 2006 for the first time. It is his second chart hit in Germany. Why he now can attract a broeder audience – I really don’t know. Probably he had some TV adverts running as his new album Dame Vida is going to be released in June and some concerts in Germany are announced.

An Italian Band singing German – that’s a thing hard to find. Frei•Wild from Brixen in South Tyrol is the one that achieved some wider popularity. Their latest offering is a special edition of the album Gegengift (Antidote) for the 10th anniversary. That edition includes a completely new single also: Weil du mich nur verarscht hast (Cause you was kdding me). As always it is a track very inbetween irony, self-righteousness, humour, machoism and wisdom. Fans for sure do know what the band is „really“ thinking. The track enters at position 87.

Austrian Darius & Finlay launch their seventh chart hit in Germany. For She’s A Freak the dance project took Tibration into the studio – simple dance floor stuff charting at 91.

At the very end of the list Herbert Grönemeyer as the third German artist this week enters the German chart. Fernweh (wanderlust) is the second single from his album Schiffsverkehr (Ship Traffic) and the 34rd charting single naming him as artist. Fernweh is new at position 93.

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