Chart flash 11-21: Why doesn't Jedward appear in the list?

It is a medium scandal watching th enew survey of most sold tracks in Germany compiled by media control. The big commercial Eurovision winner Jedward is not listed anywhere although their Lipstick ruled all download charts for a full week. A few days after the contest media control announced a separate survey of Eurovision tracks – Jedward on top followed by British entry Blue. The recent press information of media control does not mention Jedward at all. Highest new entry related to the contest comes by Blue shooting to number 7. It is given Jedward would rank inside top 5 probably close to number 1. Independent chart blog oljo is questioning: does Jedward’s music company undermining their artist’s success?? Or even worse: do they manipulate the charts? – These concerns are heavy but based on the fact that number 1 artist Pietro Lombardi is under contract at UNIVERSAL too. Additionally German yellow press shitstorms the Eurovision contest by moaning bout an airplay boycott for (commercially associated) DSDS artists. It’s a „war“ private casting show against European show event. UNIVERSAL as one of the big players in the business obviously supports the first one. Registering the Jedward track as chart eligle could have set pressure to Pietro Lombardi.

Having the DSDS winner Pietro Lombardi a second week at the top means a sixth number one hit in a row that spends at least two weeks there. We have seen such a feat last year between end of January and beginning of Decmeber already by passing 9 consecutive number 1 hits spending at least two weeks at the top. To see how charts behaviour of tracks has changed we should have a look at the year 2009 and before. Back than it was usual having four or five (or even more) number one hits falling down after a fortnight.

Highest new entry of the week covering sales from 13th to 19th May is related to another huge event than superstar castings or Europe’s most adored hits. It is the German Bundesliga and its new champion club Borussia Dortmund that propelled a single up the list. The very young team under coach Jürgen Klopp had its most successfull season since 10 years ruling the whole year almost every match and assuring its championship already two matches before the final day. Celebrating this success (it is the 7th championship the club won since 1945) the club asked German symphonic rock band Krypteria for recording an anthem – Die BVB-Hymne 2011. Accompanied by the BVB Jahrhundertchor (BVB Century Choir) it is the recording attracting most people. The CD comes with an original piece of stadium grass – a tough gimmick.

It is Krypterias 3rd chart hit – the second top 10 entry after Liberatio went to number 3 in Januar 2005 when it was used as the background sound of a TV advertising for donations helping people in Thailand and Indonesia after the tsunami disaster. In the years between the band was active and recorded some new material but did not chart at all. Now as they have a big event’s support Krypteria is gaining it’s second biggest hit to date.
Accompanying BVB Jahrhundertchor appeared in the charts for the first time at the very beginning of last year. It was the centennial anthem of the club Schon seit 100 Jahren (Already for a 100 years) that was listed at number 80 for a single week.

Last flash story for this week: Gagamania comes to an end!
New single Judas badly fails by entering only at a mere position 23. The Edge Of Glory as the second Gaga track entering this week reaches number 28 by downloads only.

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