chart flash 11-20: A completely new Top 5

What a week! Three new entries inside the Top 5 – two of them right at the top. Both launched by the big TV event Deutschland sucht den Superstar (Germany is searching for the super star) – abr. DSDS. Winner of the show – 18 years old Pietro Lombardi is shooting to number 1 right after the final’s end. Call My Name is the first song doing so since one complete year when winner of last year’s season Mehrzad Marashi propelled to the top right after the final. Two years ago a single shooting direct to nr. 1 was kind of a usual feat. In 2009 eight of 14 number one entered the charts direct at the top. Last year there were only two of 11 number one hits doing so. Does the digital age change the chart behaviour slightly?

Call My Name is not only the new straight number one hit after a long time, it also broke the record of being the fastest selling online single in one day gaining gold status within 26 hours for selling 125.000 copies. The full CD release was in shops three days later – boosting the week’s sales to unbelievable heights.

Right behind Pietro Lombardi his recent girlfriend and DSDS-competitor Sarah Engels enters the list with same song Call My Name. This track is available as download only – reaching number 2 means an still rare feat. Unfortunately number 2 in such a week is number two at the breaking news also – nobody really takes notice.

There are much more stories behind the two artists at the top. Pietro Lombardi is not only the first straight number 1 artist in a year – he is the first German number 1 act in almost a year too. Only Lena shot one week to number 1 in between right after her Eurovision win last year. Right now it looks like only DSDS and an unbelievable Song Contest win have the power of propelling German artists to number 1. Nobody is wonder ing that last time we had two German acts at number 1 and 2 was also one year ago when Mehrzad Marashi occupied the top spot and Lena held firm at runner’s up position for complete four weeks in May 2010.
Two DSDS stars at the top was last seen in June 2008 when actual winner Thomas Godoj ranked with Love Is You over 2007 winner Mark Medlock and his Summer Love. The two main DSDS stars of one season had a battle at the top of the charts also in April 2003 when very first winner ever – Alexander went first number 1 with Take Me Tonight followed two weeks later by Daniel K. and his You Drive Me Crazy. Both changed places at the top for three weeks.

Having two versions of one song at the top is a feat happening only every 30 years probably. We have to go back to June 1984 when Self Control by Laura Branigan was number one followed directly by the original version of Italian Raf for three weeks.

The third new entry this week is a French–US–Trinidad collaboration. Other weeks of this year would have seen a track starting at number 5 as the story of the week – not so this recent issue. Though Where Them Girls At by David Guetta feat. Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj is worth some few words. It is the 7th single / track charting this year on which the French DJ David Guetta appears as an performing artist making him the most present act of 2011. He made that feat last year already. Both years Rihanna follows right behind him – so there is a constant interest in the main acts of commercial pop music.

For the two main acts on Where Them Girls At the track is the third consecutive Top 10 hit bringing David Guetta to an total of 7 top hits meanwhile Flo Rida collects 4 Top 10 hits under his belt so far. To continue with the comparison Guetta – Rihanna, the lady from Barbados already had 3 Top 10 hits this year summarizing a whole 15 Top 10 hit singles at all.

Third act of Where Them Girls At is pretty new to the German chart. Nicki Minaj makes her chart debut as the third new act this week.

Appendix on 20th May
I was wrong by telling you that the last song occupying number 1 and 2 in different versions was Self Control. 20 years after that track – in June 2004 – Dragostea Din Tei shot to number one performed by Moldavian O-Zone. A few weeks later at the end of June the version of Romanian Haiducii climbed to number 2. After two weeks the Haiducii take slided a little down till number 4 but came back at the end of July to repeat the number 1 and 2 game for a further week.

Sorry for the disinformation!

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