New German tracks and a TV show penetrating all

What’s going on? There are some European productions very successful right now in Germany. A French DJ is hitting almost the top helping an US hiphop star to having his biggest hit to date. Supported by the interest for the new track the predecessor jumps back into the Top 20 to. Who’s That Chick? sits pretty at Number 19 in its 20th chart week.

More European sounds wanted? A Dutch woman is jumping up the list to Number 5 with an 60ies inspired song. A Finnish band and a Belgian singer are joining both inside the Top 10. – Only German productions do not show up that good. Best sold German track since four weeks Strobo Pop by Die Atzen mit Nena slides down two places to Number 16.

The most popular new German track is caused by the show most important for the actual pop business – DSDS (Germany’s take on Idol). But it is last year’s season that now has a second participant entering the charts. MENOWIN Fröhlich – the scandalized challenger of Mehrzad Marashi finally released his first CD single called If You Stayed. The hardcore fanbase announced weeks before a concerted action to assure a triple platin hit . Finally that action failed totally. If You Stayed lands at highest new entry at Number 21. He is the fourth candidate of the show having a chart entry but at this time also the one with the smallest success. Winner Mehrzad Marashi does had two Top 10 hits, recall candidate Jennifer Braun had much more luck within the casting for the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo that saw her as the second finalist having a Top 10 hit with I Care For You. And even Number 5 of the show – Thomas Karaoglan aka Der Checker had a Top 20 hit in July last year. Probably the career of MENOWIN just ends before it started.

Second highest new entry also comes from Germany. Söhne Mannheims (Sons of Mannheim) are back. The all star project is going to launch their next album – the fourth one named Barrikaden von Eden (Barricades Of Eden). It is scheduled for May. The first single Ist es wahr (Aim High) (Is it true?) reached the shops on 8th April – highly promoted on TV by an action called „Tolerance Day“. As always it is a song for the better ones of this world speaking about a better world and the courage of not being corrupted.

For lead singer Xavier Naidoo this track is the 49th chart hit in Germany.

German TV show Number 1 is DSDS having on 9th April a battle Europe vs. America. Winner was European Caro Emerald by having her first big success in Germany after her song was performed by Zazou Mall. Track number 2 having a huge impact by a performance in the show is Use Somebody. Marco Angelini (just eliminated 2 days ago) performed the song released in original by Kings Of Leon. The track re-enters the German list at 30.

Track Number 3 boosted by the show is Eurovision interlude song Glow. The song was performed by one of the big favourites Ardian Bujupi. Right after the show on TV the version by Norwegian MADCON climbed up the iTunes charts – enough to ensure a jump back to 41 in the week’s survey. The track now is no less than 45 consecutive weeks noted in the German charts – it is the fourth longest running track of the recent list.

Also the second song perormfed by Ardian takes a jump back. I Need A Dollar by Aloe Blacc has 28 chart weeks under its belt now and is climbing back 74–46.

The second big male favourite Pietro Lombardi also has its moment in the show. Funnily he chose (or was chosen) a song already presented in the show at thebeginning of February. Mad World had at that time a short 3 weeks chart run reaching Number 66. Now the ballad by Michael Andrews featuring Gary Jules is back at 47. It is still a very heart touching ballad – even in the version of the much too young Pietro.

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