Chart flash 11-17: I Really Miss New Tracks

Let me tell you one thing first: I do love pop music. And I do love the charts. But sometimes it is really hard to do so. If you find the Top 3 completely the same as last week this is perhaps a sign of very good and beloved tracks. If one find such constellation every third or fourth week one could doubt the quality of songs. Maybe it’s more an effect of fearfull release schedules or a public very conservative. Or the really new and fresh sound does not find the way into the market. Who knows.

In case of the recent list we whitnes a static Top 3. I would say it is caused by really catchy productions. And I would say dance floor and club sound spiced with some Eurodance samples of the late 80s or 90s is the must be of today. On top of the German chart JLO feat. Pitbull, Snoop Dogg vs. David Guetta and Rihanna are cemented non movers. For Jennifer Lopez it is the third week at the top spot.

After having 5 of 7 new entries coming from Germany last week the new list shows three American productions as the highest new entering tracks. Leading the pack is the trio Dr. DRE featuring Eminem & Skylar Grey. The track I Need A Doctor is the second single from long awaited and announced album of Dr. DRE himself Detox. The first single Kush never made it into the German charts. So I Need A Doctor is the first time Dr. DRE appears in the list as a main artist for over 9 years. Of course he had some hits as a producer meanwhile most recently We Made You the very first come back single of EMINEM released in 2009. Eminem instead does have his 24th chart entry by now. And Skylar Grey finds her way into the German chart for a second time.

This all star collaboration should ensure a proper chart career. But the track is entering the list only at number 25 in its first week. It is this already the third week in a row that the highest new entry charts lower than position 20. Do we really lack of interest for new tracks?

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