Germany loves Adele

That is more or less literally translated the headline of the weekly press information given by media control every Tuesday. Her album 21 enters the German album list directly at the hot spot. Simoultaneously her single Rolling In The Deep climbs up two places sitting now properly at no.1 in the singles’ chart too. Adele had a huge TV support by the so called Dschungelcamp – Germany’s version of I Am A Star – Get Me Out Of Here!. Her song was aired very prominently within the show right after the release of the album. The fifth season of the reality TV show had the most viewers of all seasons (an average of 8,93 Million) . No wonder the airing had some impact on the music market as well. As the independent chart site reports a lot of older hits shot up the download list after they were aired within the show. Only the main title by Die Zipfelbuben seems to fail completely.

Some weeks ago I called Adele the final winner of the female northern soul invasion from 2007/08. Finally she grabs the crown with these simoultaneous no.1. And she is the first British act to top the German singles charts for 3 years. Last no.1 from the UK came in April 2008 from – what an incident – Duffy and her Mercy which spent a single week there. Will Adele have the power of staying much longer?

Asking this question comes with good cause. Bruno MarsGrenade is rising up the list very fast – landing at no.3 this week. The full physical release is scheduled for February 4th. Download lists like iTunes or amazon are listing Grenade right now at no.1. If he will enter the top by next week this would be the very first time a digital download only single will do so. Most radio stations in Germany took Grenade into heavy rotation meaning the tune catches fire right now. It is for sure the next huge hit in Germany. Question is: when will he enter the top? – We’re really witnessing a struggle between two very soulful tracks right now. Keep your eyes and ears open for the next days!

Moves at the top of the chart leave the highest new entry somehow overshadowed in the dark. The biggest CD release of the week is not at all the biggest story. Bad luck for a man who is a big name since 14 years and who dissappeared for the last three years. I’m talking bout P. Diddy or Diddy as he prefers to be called right now. Accompanied by two ladies he formed DiddyDirtyMoney (or one would find spellings like Diddy–Dirty Money et al.) which is offering a first album right now. Last Train To Paris will be released in Germany on 4th February. Two weeks ahead the single Coming Home entered the shops. A track starting very soft with a piano melody but landing in the end as an orchestrally produced rap track. I’m not at all that deep into American HipHop but to me this take doesn’t sound very new or surprising. It is a well produced tune built around the voice of featured artist Skylar Grey who is an upcoming name. As wikipedia tells us she co-wrote the EMINEM/Rihanna track Love The Way You Lie for which she was Grammy nominated. In Europe almost nobody had heard of her. With Coming Home the story turns over.

For all you statistic geeks out there: Coming Home is Sean Combs’ 23rd chart single in Germany (counted together all tracks he is somehow named on). It is the 11th track landing inside the German top 10 and his first appearance there after a four years break.
If one is not that much into Rap/HipHop try out this smooth electro rework skipping the master’s voice out completely and featuring only Skylar Grey’s voice.

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