11-05: waiting for the new stuff

The chart from 4th February 2011 reflecting sales 21st to 27th January should show a lot of activity. At the top such a change of hits happens. Further down … nothing really exciting. Only four new entries and two re-entries – all together six tracks not listed a fortnight ago. That’s really solid. Last time we saw such a slow chart list was 3rd September 2010. Do you remember the rush of new tracks crashing into the list two ... three ... four years ago?

Times are changing. I wonder why all other charts around the world behave completely different. I guess German music industry somehow denies the final steps for getting into the digital area. They fight against youtube, digital releases are mostly synchronized with physical releases. Campaining for new music via TV is done only for some acts with sure CD release. The whole digital market seems completely unknown. Hot new music from outside of Germany is hardly available – take at least the huge grime invasion in Great Britain. In Germany nobody cares about it. One can inform about new tendencies by surfing the net. But every third track comes with a „Not available in your country“-warning. To me it looks like discriminating a whole generation of music consumers.

Well – let’s not argue bout what should be. Let’s have a look what is in reality. Most popular German track with the highest amount of sales is again Milk&Sugar vs. Vaya Con Dios Hey (Nah Neh Nah) finally reaching top 10 status and giving both acts their first top hit ever. German DJ duo Milk&Sugar took almost exactly 10 years to do so, Belgian Vaya Con Dios had to wait almost 20 years since charting first in Germany.

Most popular song in German is still Revolverheld feat. Marta Jandová Halt dich an mir fest (Hold On Me) sliding down one place to no.13. Upcoming next big German song is the new single from culcha candela Berlin City Girl which is in shops as physical release since 28th February. It is the second new recording from the band’s best of-album released last October. This week Berlin City Girl jumps up the list as an download only track 53 – 21. Take it for guaranted having it inside the top 10 next week. (The video is available on Culcha Candelas site: culchacandela.de – embedding not aloud)

Addition 05th February
Man of the day is more or less Bruno Mars having two simoultaneous hits inside the top 10 plus appearing as the producer of Cee-Lo Green's F**k You which still invading the upper half of the list. The woman with the biggest presence is once again Rihanna. This week her new single What's My Name? (alongside with Canadian rapper DRAKE) is entering the list at no. 12. Who's That Chick? and Only Girl still cling on inside the top 20 and even the duet with EMINEM – the former no.1 Love The Way You Lie is straying through the list. Four tracks in one list – Rihanna itself did two years ago better havong 5 tracks charted at the same time. Having several hits in the list for more than two years – that seems quite spectacular.

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