11-06: short flash – European connections

A second week at the top of the German singles list for Adele. Rolling In The Deep still is the most sold track in Germany like in several other mid-european countries. Lucky Adele – her album 21 slides down to no.2 in the album list but holds a proper top place within the new monthly independent charts.

It seems to be given, that Adele will leave the top spot as Bruno Mars is rising continously sitting at no.2 on download only sales. The physical release is in shops right now so we will see grenade at the top of the German singles list for sure.

Best new entry (but not the best single start ... I will talk bout this later this week) comes from American Flo Rida. Turn Around (54321) is the second single taken from his album Only One Flo (Part 1). Both single and album completely failed in the U.S. and in the UK. No.15 in the first week of its release is not that bad at all. Seems that Flo Rida got a broad fan base in Germany.
Turn Around (54321) is build around a sample by Swiss electronic duo Yello. The original Oh Yeah charted in Germany end of 1987 reaching no.47. Funny trivia – the track never charted in their home country Switzerland nor in Austria but it is the one and only track ever listed in the Hot 100 Billboard charts reaching no.51. The track was used in several movies and games especially as theme for Duffman of The Simpsons. No wonder Flo Rida chose this track for his new offering.

Also the second highest new entry has a European connection. The come back single of Swedish Roxette She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio) is the first offering since One Wish was crowding the list in late 2006. As one of the super acts of the early 90s Roxette boast their 33rd track into the charts now. In addition no.18 for their new single is the highest rank since Sleeping In My Car rised to no.11 in 1994. Welcome back to the upper regions! And again: Germany likes well known acts, remember last year’s come backs of A-ha, Alphaville or even Kim Wilde. Plus … the 90s are back .... mpf!

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