04-11: Most popular German tracks - Milk&Sugar + Revolverheld

Most important stories of the German music market are told already. Adele is the new rising star probably catching the no.1 spot next week, Bruno Mars will follow having just now two tracks simultaneously in the top 10. These actions are similar to most countries all over Europe. What’s about productions from the continent? – Well, best sold track from continental Europe is right now David Guetta’s Who’s That Chick?. At least in Germany it is selling since two months copies enough for placing within the top 10. It reached its highest position no.6 when it was first released beginning of December. This week Who’s That Chick? is sliding down two places to no.10. Of course the track is not a full European production as the voice belongs to Rihanna. Best sold completely European production comes from Germany and ranks at no.11. There Hey (Nah Neh Nah) lands after an impressive more than 20 positions jump. Originally the song was offered by Belgian band Vaya Con Dios. It was one of their few hits finding a wide audience in central Europe in the early 90s. Probably Nah Neh Nah (which was the original title) was the most played and most known track of the band but not the commercially most successful reaching only no.16 in Germany and missing the top 20 in Austria and Switzerland. In autumn 2010 the track became more or less popular in clubs – if one is interested in the different versions one could find them here. German DJ duo Milk&Sugar had the luckiest hands on the track, their mix is selling in bigger quantities and entered the German charts just at the end of last year. On 14th January the proper CD single was released causing the abover mentioned jump. It gives the DJ team its highest place ever. And even Vaya Con Dios finally have a second no.11-hit after getting this rank once more than 20 years ago. Both are still waiting for their first German top 10 rank. Will the new mix have the power for rising further? We will see.

Most popular song in German comes from Revolverheld feat. Marta Jandová at no.12. Halt dich an mir fest (Hold on me) is ranking within the German list since beginning of December reaching no.8 in ist very first week but it was always overshadowed by powerful German superstars UNHEILIG who held a strong performing Winter within the list. Finally winter euphoria and romantic memories of peaceful childhood loosing sympathy and the classic love song finds its way into the spotlight.

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