Romantic Germany: UNHEILIG is leading Christmas sales

I wrote it before: the charts released at 31st of December are the real Christmas charts as they cover the sales time 17th to 23rd of December. And they are boring. – German music industry releases new CDs with caution ever expecting the big flop. A look to Great Britain shows how successful a release can be started even a few days before Christmas. Of course there is a risk. And the German market is quite huge and slow. It needs at least a direct TV connection to launch a hit immediately. But I still keep my opinion: German music industry has no idea at all how to act within the new digital era.

Two new entries - both available only as digital download-tracks. One of them Carpe Diem by Germany Got Talent winner Freddy Sahin-Scholl not even planned as a proper single release. The second one Hey (Neh Nah Neh) by Milk&Sugar vs. Vaya Con Dios at the release schedule for 14th of January – we will talk about this track for sure soon much more.

Probably most impressive move comes from UNHEILIG which/who is re-entering the top at the album charts with its Große Freiheit displacing the King of Pop Michael Jackson after only one week. Within the singles charts UNHEILIG's last track Winter is climbing back to no.4 matching its highest position from its first week at the beginning of December. Also all other tracks climbing at the end of the year: Geboren um zu leben (Born For Living) the classic and identifying track rising 23 – 16 in its 46th (!) chart week, Unter deiner Flagge rises 43 – 40, Für immer 89 - 84. The mystery of leader and face Der Graf seems still working. Asked what is the magic of UNHEILIG most fans will tell one – the lyrics! Well – in case of Winter they tell a romantic hymn about home coming, the come true of wishes and the possibility of dreaming. All surrounded by classic described winter wonderlands: white stars, silver shadows, icy flowers and silent forrests … – without any word Christmas is mentioned but one really catch the atmosphere supported by many links to a lucky childhood and careless children. Seems that the Germans are very romantic in a classic way. The luck, the good life and the dreams can be found only in winter time when life is dying (or at least sleeping). When people can find back to themself. So UNHEILIG is the answer to the clichee of the ever working and accurate German - not that bad. Unfortunately even for UNHEILIG it's only a dream or a belonging. Reality is different. What a pitty.

Unheilig -- Winter - MyVideo

Kind of a Christmas present was brought to Katy Perry. Her latest single Firework finally enters the top 10 by rising 11 – 9. It is her fourth big hit in a row (taking the collaboration with Timbaland If We Ever Meet Again into account). From her seven official releases as the leading artist five made it to the top 10. She is in Germany as well as in all the other parts of the world one of the most popular female artists to date – accompanied by Rihanna, Shakira and Lady Gaga. Well … more of that stuff in short time when we have a look back to the whole 2010.

A short footnote to Firework. Produced by Norwegian team Stargate the track is the second for the team in the recent top 10 besides Rihanna's Only Girl (In The World).

Last story for today: Christmas Songs.
Well – the alltime classic Last Christmas is not at all the most loved Christmas melody. After climbing to position 23 beginning of December the track slided down to no.29 last week and had a very soft rise up to no. 27 now. James Masterton who comments the British chart has summarized the diminishing sales of classic Christmas songs in a very brief but pointed way. There is nothing to add. In Germany the return of ever same tracks seems fading away a bit. Let's wait till february when carnival season is entering the music market.

Question is: what are the new seasonal hits. Well – in Germany it is US-American Band train which gains the crown of having the most selling seasonal track. Shake Up Christmas moves 32 – 24 followed by Coldplay which have its Christmas Lights rised up 35 – 26. Both not completely as successful as one could hope … once again: Germans this year do love more the romantic and indifferent tale sung by UNHEILIG.

Further down one will find a lot of other well known tracks but they will disappear immediately as the next chart covers the festive days and the week after.

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