The Real Christmas Charts

The most recent press text launched by media control tries to give the feeling of unbelievable and astonishing chart entries in the sales week direct before Christmas (17th to 23rd of December). But there is no real news. Instead I could repeat the flashlight look from one week before. Highest new entry in the singles and the album list is Freddy Sahin-Scholl winner of Germany's edition of Germany Got Talent. Highest new entry sounds very well - look a bit closer no. 17 for album Carpe Diem and no.56 for same titled single … in other weeks of the year this would be an entry almost not recognized at all. Spoken more precise no.56 is the lowest "highest new entry" of the whole year 2010. Even new year's day offering New Day by Max Mutzke did better with entering no.40. Well there was a list in 2010 with no NEW entry. The charts of 8th of January saw only re-entries. Best one here were Sportfreunde Stiller with Ein Kompliment re-appearing at 41.
So Freddy Sahin-Scholl has one of the lowest highest new entries ever in chart history matching Sean Kingston's Fire Burning at 24th of July 2009.

Lazy German music buyers!

No wonder also the top 3 is completely static. Israel IZ Kamakawiwo'olespends its 12th week at the top with Over The Rainbow. Last male solo artist doing so was techno act U96 (aka Alex Christensen) which spended 13 weeks at the top with Das Boot from January to April 1991. Last single with at least 12 weeks at no.1 still is POker Face offered by Lady Gaga 2009.

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