Christmas-Charts: Michael is the King

Nothing really new within the German list published at 24th December 2010. A very static top with frozen top 5.
Highest signifcant climber lands at no.7. Rising from 18 the single Hold My Hand gives King of Pop Michael Jackson post mortem a 20th top 10 hit. It is the second time after his dead end of June last year that a track enters a position that high. In July it was Thriller the title-track of his 1982 album. Now for the first time since 2001 a completely new track is listed in the top 10. Last single doing so was You Rock my World leading single of Invincible. That makes Michael Jackson a star with top hits in four decades – unfortunately his releases within the 70ies did impact only the U.S. and UK not so in Germany. Don’T Stop ’Til You Get Enough only made no. 13 in 1979.

Hold My Hand is the leading single of his recent album Michael which this weeks enters the album charts straight at top position. So Michael is the King of Pop to most of Germans.

In statistics Michael Jackson's status looks like this: 20 top hits (no.10 or higher) – that's as much as The Bee Gees (19) and ABBA (21) had in Germany – good companion I guess. A more recent act to compare is German Scooter which has to date 23 top 10 hits under its belt.

Duetting partner Akon achieves with rising single Hold My Hand his 5th top 10 hit. It is the follow up to last year's Sexy Bitch which appeared a month ago in the list for the last time. In between Akon had a smaller hit alongside with Pitbull and a almost unrecognized solo try with commercial track Oh Africa. Seems that he has a lot homework to do for getting his announced album Akonic a real success. For now he did a good job.

Most sold German track still comes from UNHEILIG. Winter just climbs a place back to no.6.
And as the list is valid officially from 24th of December on one might expect several Christmas songs within it. Well – there are some but not as high as all the last years. Best sold track at this very moment is Wham! with Last Christmas sliding down a place to no.29. I guess the next issue will look quite different as it covers the week right before the festive days.

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