Schlager and Discofox – the new Mallorca Season generates its hits

Well - there are several times of the year where german sung hits are selling very well. One of these seasons is the summer time when almost complete Germany go for holidays to Mallorca. Of course this invasion has its influence on the beautiful island. If you were visiting Mallorca only once in this time you know what I'm talking about. Clubs and beaches are turning into german speaking territory, black-red-golden flags all over and the most stupid music ever heard sounding everywhere. This is the so called discofox - formerly known as german schlager. Underlayed with a modern 4/4 beat old hits from the 70's or 80's start a new life as ultimate party killers for drunken Germans. You see me quiet ashamed about this scenery … well, other nations behave similar …

In Germany itself the discofox has its stage with several TV shows. One of these is "Die neue Hitparade" (The new hit parade) broadcasted by RTL II. The recent issue was shown on May 16th with a reign of well known discofox stars. The effect of the screening can be seen right now at the recent list of media control: Schlager veteran Jürgen Drews climbs six places to nr 68 with his latest hit single Ich bau dir ein Schloss – the song is now in its spectacular 30th chart week. Even younger stars profit from their appearance in the show. Diana Sorbello is active for years as singer, modell, designer and so on - more or less successless. In 2006 she had a single chart placing at rank 100 with the football related song Wir schwenken die Fahnen (Schwarz Rot Gold) (We're waving flags (Black Red Gold). After a new deal with the major label EMI she released her new single Mamma Maria in April. It took her a full month to get recognized by a wider audience. The place where it happened was the RTL II show. Finally Diana Sorbello enters the single charts at position 83 with her version on the hit of italian group Ricchi e poveri from 1982. In original the song peaked at number 11 – I really doubt that the new interpretation will reach these heights. But it could be that we will meet Diana Sorbello (what a stupid name - sorry) the next weeks at the lower end of the charts.

The RTL II Show saw a lot of further artists entering the stage. As the one and only condition is the appearance of german lyrics a broad range of styles were presented. As an example Die Atzen made their party and even the dance act Rockstroh had its four minute spot (actually a re-entry at nr 73 with Tanzen). Of course the atmosphere at the event were full packed with cheesy moments when everybody started to join the singing. Such happened with cover versions of well known hits like before mentioned Mamma Maria. An also Tausendmal Du brought to "new life" by Tobee had this moment. He presented his version in companion with Marry, the original version of the band Münchener Freiheit was a massive hit in 1986 entering rank 9.

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