04th of June 2010: First summer time charts

The official german chart compiling company speaks about a football and summer time ruled hit list. Indeed the very top of the charts looks like we had holiday time right now. Nr. 1 is still the FIFA championship anthem Wavin’ Flag by K’NAAN heavily promoted by a soft drink company. Straight to nr. 2 a superstar duo shoots. Recent winner of Germany’s Idol Mehrzad Marashi is accompanied by the winner of 2007 Mark Medlock for turning the biggest hit of Jamaican band Inner Circle Sweat (a la la la la long) into a smooth 2010 tropical island pop song. The original was a huge succes in 1992 climbing to nr. 1 in Germany, Switzerland , The Netherlands and New Zealand. Although it holded 12 weeks at the top spot I never was a friend of that track. Maybe I'm a little too old fashioned for really enjoying lyrics like "Girl I want to make you sweat / Sweat till you can't sweat no more / And if you cry out / I'm gonna push it some, mo-o-ore …" (Thanks to Lyricfreaks for typing these words properly) – you could be assured I really love sexy tunes with explicit lyrics as well. In the case of Inner Circle / Marashi+Medlock I think it misses the mutual lust and desire. It's all about what the horny one man wants to do … maybe he should use a puppet for calming down.

Well my opinion won't avoid getting Sweat (a la la la la long) a hit again. With strong support of TV the superstar duo is almost unstopable. The CD single was released on 21st of May – at 23rd they both had the chance of presenting it in Germany's very popular saturday night show Wetten dass…? which gave the single the final boost. Next week we will see the version for sure as high as this time cause the TV promotion did not end. On 29th both performed the song before the fight of Vitali Klitschko and Albert Sosnowski a huge media event in Germany as Wetten dass…? or the ESC are too. – By the way Lena actually ranking at nr.7 could show up at the very top of the german chart again after winning the contest and becoming a national hero immediately.

Do you like some statistics? Ok here are. Mehrzad Marashi becomes now the most successful newcomer in 2010 by hitting straight to nr.1 and 2 in a row. Lena "only" does a nr.1 and nr. 3 strike. Additionally Mehrzad is the most successfull DSDS act since Mark Medlock won in 2007. Latter one collects with Sweat his eighth top 5 hit in row – a serie last time shown by Tokio Hotel between 2005 and now. Mark Medlock is by now the most succesfull german casting star of all times.

The next ultimate holiday (and football) song is entering the top 10 at position 6 with Shakira Featuring Freshlyground climbing 7 places after full CD release of Waka Waka (This Time For Africa). It's quiet amazing how huge the influence of physical sales actually is. As media control informed a few days ago 85% of all track sales are digital. Anyhow one can always recognise in the list when the physical equivalent enters the market. The german media control launched a very sophisticated point system which refers to the price paid for a track not the amount. That's why the german charts are slightly old fashioned rating the physical sale higher than the digital.

Shakira doesn't mind for sure. Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) is her 9th top 10 success in the german list.

Finally entering the top 10 and fitting very well the holiday topic MEDINA from Denmark pushing her hit You And a single place to number 10. The track is an amazing and hypnotic dance track even more fascinating the more you listen to it. Actually You And I was the background for Pro7 station ID spot in May – repeated use guaranteed.

Just to complete the top 3: Sido feat. Adel Tawil sliding down one place with Der Himmel soll warten. These collaboration maybe one of the not holiday or football related tracks at the top.

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