Euro-Pop, dance floor stuff and further releases

Don't be afraid the real invasion of Europop will not happen this year. Even the just finished Eurovision Song Contest saw only a few productions of this style. I will discuss it later if some of the entries also occupying the chart list. For now we can watch a surprising romanian disco dance track entering the european charts. Edward Maya is a young producer and musician from Bucharest just finishing his studies. Last summer he released his first own track Stereo Love with the voice of russian singer Vika Jigulina. The track became a no.2 succes in his home country Romania and swapped later on over whole Europe. No.1 in France, Sweden, Finland, Spain, The Netherlands, Hungary, Ireland … it also became a nr.4 hit in Great Britain just a week ago. Actually Germany is not the real hot market for eurodance production. So it needed the europe wide success for making the track also available here (even Switzerland was faster affected). Actually the CD version is just full two weeks available before sellings in significant ways started. Entering nr. 14 in its first chart week is a quiet big success for the track. Last Romanian hit Hot presented by INNA just found its way to number 80 … Do I have to tell you more? Bad times for productions coming from this region … ESC third will probably not appear in the german list.

The cover for the track Stereo Love refers to the producer and the singer but the track is heavily using a composition by Azerbaijani composer Eldar Mansurov Bayatilar. The full story behind the copyright controversy can be found at wikipedia.

After a three years break Kelis is back in stores with new CD single Acapella. Produced by highly successfull David Guetta this track is Kelis' attempt on the dancefloor. In Germany so far this collaboration brings her commercial success as Acapella reaches her second highest placing ever: No 21. Only Trick Me went further on to nr. 10 in summer 2004.

Last year's Deutschland sucht den Superstar (DSDS) (german version of Idol) saw Annemie (Annemarie Eilfeld) as the beast and bitch of the show. A hysteric media campaign joined her way to the show and led her to the third place. A year later she is back in the show business (actually she never was disappeared by modelling, hosting TV shows and acting in daily soaps) with her first solo single Animal Instinct. Critics are impressed saying she has the right mixture of sauciness and a good production team. Well - to me Animal Instinct sounds rather standard like. Pop music for every day missing the real hooking thing.

Annemie is the fifth participant of the 6th DSDS issue and the fourth entering the charts. Rank 22 in its first week is the best placing of all offerings excepting the very first release by winner Daniel Schuhmacher.

Did I wrote before Germany ain't a good country for euro pop? This week seems to be completely unusual. First we face the quiet high new entry of Edword Maya from Romania and now an artist of a country close-by is entering the german speaking market. Dan Balan from Moldavia already has some hits under his belt. He was the creative head of O-Zone which overflow whole Europe with its hit Dragostea Din Tei in summer 2004. Two years ago Dan Balan returned as Crazy Loop and entered the german top 20 with an same titled track. Now he starts a career under his own name releasing Chica Bomb. The track is danceable disco stuff as known from acts like INNA. Rank 37 after CD release is not that bad. But I would guess, we will see this track only a short time here.

If we talk about dance floor stuff we have to mention DJ Ronny Rockstroh who entered the charts with his second single under his name in early March. Tanzen (Dancing) climbed up to number 67 in the commercial single listing by media control but shot to number 1 at the ODC - Official Dance Charts. The track sold very well and finally the major label UNIVERSAL shows interest of releasing the track again. Since 11th of May the e-single is available, the full CD version will follow at 11th June. Right after the e-release the track enters the charts again at position 73. Not bad - actually you have to consider that the track already had a 10 weeks chart run.

Ronny Rockstroh seems to be one of the upcoming dance floor star producers for the next season. Latest news are saying that he will release a remix of Lena's ESC winning hit Satellite. Well that's a good news.

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