Oct 13th 17: A 50 Places Jump To No.1

This week chart history is written as Was du Liebe nennst by German Bausa takes a full 50 places jump to #1. Two years ago I told a similar story–forget all the words. The new chart breaker beats See You Again with 11 more places.
It is the third consecutive #1 song in German.
Bausa had his first chart appearance in December 2016 alongside Bonez MC & RAF Camora.

Former #1 Sturmmaske auf by Kollegah & Farid Bang tumbles down to #10 which is the third deepest fall from #1 only beaten by Depeche Mode's Dream On diving to #15 in May 2001 and the one week hit Schrei nach Liebe by Die Ärzte bouncing to #21 two years ago.

Coincidentally that week with Schrei nach Liebe ranking at the top is the week when we had five songs in German sneaking through the upper 10 places. This current week we come close to that feat with four songs in German.

Second new top 10 entry is a song already known as Ed Sheeran had all songs from his album Divide charting when it was released. Perfect back than ranked as the fourth highest song peaking at #13–now it is released again as a proper single track and reaches #9 in its third respectively 11th chart week.

Worth mentioning also: the ZAYN & SIA collaboration Dusk Till Dawn goes #3 in its fifth chart week. It is for both the highest chart position since appr. one year. And it is also the highest appearance of an Australian act in exactly that time span.

Longest running top 10 hit of the moment is More Than You Know by Axwell /\ Ingrosso ranking at #5 in its 14th top 10 week.

Further down Portugal. The Man can gain 22 places landing its Feel It Still at #30.
Also Kygo gains a bunch of ranks with his new single Stargazing. By landing at #38 it is still the single performing weakest in 2017.
If I'm Lucky is the second single by Jason derulo in 2017. It very very slowly catches fire entering the upper half of the charts in its sixth week for the very first time. That pattern looks quite common for the artist as he can launch one big single out of an album–all the rest of the album tracks are more or less minor hits only for hardcore fans.
With some delay AVICII's Lonely Together (featuring Rita Ora) gets a boost in attention. The song goes 83–53 in its fourth chart week.

#1 on the album charts is the new release by Sunrise Ave Heartbreak Century. It brings back pre-released single I Help You Hate Me to chart status as it enters the list at #49. Three ranks higher as its first appearance back in August this year.

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