December 18th 15: Kollegah Invades The List Again

Indeed Hello by Adele spends an eighth week at the top and now eclipses the result of best performing no.1 in 2015 (Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better) by Felix Jaehn Feat. Jasmine Thompson). So it is a race exciting till the last week of the year: What sound does German music lovers attract more, soft deep house or classic ballads about lost love? Do you have a guess?#

In once Hello also matches the result of Puppet On A String by Sandie Shaw from 1967. That song was the last from a British female solo artist spending eight weeks at #1 in Germany. The next mark to catch for Adele is the run of Petula Clark's Downtown which technically spent 11 weeks at #1.

Strongest competitor for Adele lands at #2 in the face of Show Me Love the new single offered by Robin Schulz. It is the fifth single of the German DJ that reaches at least #2–that all happened within two years.

Talking bout best performing songs of 2015 one have to point out the 19 weeks run inside the top 10 of Astronaut by Sido Feat. Andreas Bourani. The song sits pretty at #7 this weeks. Ain't Nobody and Cheerleader had spent only 18 weeks under the top 10 selling singles in 2015.

Two songs enter the top 10 for the very first time. It is this the new European hit by Major Lazer Light It Up that goes 12–8 in its fifth chart week. Voices on this track are from Jamaican Nyla and Birtish Fuse ODG.
Second one rises a bit faster. In its third chart week Stimme by EFF goes 15–9. Behind the project there are Felix Jaehn and Mark Forster, both belonging to the stars of 2015. For Felix Jaehn it is the fourth top 10 hit (all in 2015), Mark Forster gets here for the third time, in 2015 so far he did not appear that high.

Canadian teenie star #2 Shawn Mendes reaches the top 20 for the very first time. Stitches lands at #15 in its 15th chart week and increases the total of tracks inside the top 20 offered by Canadians to 7. Such a strong presence never was seen before in Germany.

The best selling album comes from Kollegah. Zuhältertape Vol.4 dethrones Helene Fischers Weihnachten and Adeles 25 which indeed is a strong thing. As a result of the album start 17 album tracks can achieve the song charts too. Highest one and best new entry of the week is John Gotti that lands at #31. It is that a better performance than one and a half year ago while predecessor album Boss had its launch.

A new commercial spot for supermarket chain EDEKA became a viral hit and porpells its soundtrack into the list. It is Neele Ternes' Dad that can start chart life at #43. So it performs better than the first campaign Supergeil recorded by Friedrich Liechtenstein in early 2014. That one stopped at #50.

The Voice of Germany used to be the better casting show–not as popular as mother of all castings DSDS although still big enough to make hits. This year the audience increased dramatically. We had some short impacts for Wolke 4 (originally by Philipp Duttberner, Oft gefragt by AnnenMayKantereit and probably also The Hanging Tree (originally recorded by James Newton Howard. On Thursday 17th the final was aired featuring winner Jamie-Lee Kriewitz. Her self written song Ghost immediately gains attention and lands at #59 after a few hours online. It will certainly jump much higher in next weeks time.
Runners up Ayke Witt can land his Bis gleich at #86.

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