Dec. 25th 15: Adele - Best Performing British Female since 50 years

In the last week of the year Adele's Hello becomes the best performing no.1 single of 2015. It is the ninth week at the top for the song which was seen last late summer 2013 when AVICII had his Wake Me Up! occupying the top for ten consecutive weeks.
It is kind of surprising, that British acts in the past decades didn't manage such a success. The last one having nine weeks at the top was Sarah Brightman who alongside Italian singer Andrea Bocelli had a fulminant 13 weeks run at the top with Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro) from December 1996 to March 1997. As a British female solo artist Adele now sets an even longer mark. As mentioned the week before she is now the best performing solo female since more than 50 years following the feat set by Petula Clark in 1965.

Might be a bitter dip in all the records cracked right now: Serving with the best performing no.1 song doesn't mean Adele is the best performing artist too. That title she has to share with German DJ Felix Jaehn.

Another British act got steam the days before Christmas. As British chart commentator James Masterton again and again tells singles by Coldplay doesn't follow known chart rules. And so it appears with Adventure Of A Lifetime too. The song rises five places in its seventh chart place eclipsing the all time peak set by Viva La Vida in 2008.
Of course Coldplay had some support by staging at the final of The Voice of Germany on 17th of December 15.

And there we are: The highest new song inside the top 20 comes in at #11. Jamie-Lee Kriewitz won the final of The Voice of Germany with Ghost. Immediately the song entered the charts and had a short visit at the top of the iTunes list. But the demand decreased dramatically over the week–so the song only can make it short of the top 10. Also second of the show Ayke Witt only can gain #28 with his Bis gleich. It is the weakest season so far–a sixth already is announced.

Second show act Elle King can make it into the list too. Her Ex's & Oh's lands at #33 as the highest new entry of the week. Well–this week belongs to the ten weeks of 2015 that had the highest new entry deeper than #30.

As the current list covers sales of the week directly before Christmas including the Holy Night Christmas songs play a significant role. And indeed the longing for peace is strong this year as far as sales figures tell.
The most successful song this season comes from Mariah Carey. All I Want For Christmas Is You already overtook the all time classic Last Christmas past season but in 2014 the most wanted tune was Do They Know It's Christmas? due to two new recordings from Britain and Germany.
To tell the complete story All I Want For Christmas Is You ain't only the best selling Christmas tune–it also reaches a new peak by flying to #13. In January this year it had its peak so far with #17 after 20 years of chart appearance.
One might bet wether the song will go further in next years time–remember Last Christmas needed full 23 years to get to its peak. However it falls short of becoming the slowest chart riser of 2015 cause Die Ärzte had their peak at #1 with Schrei nach Liebe this September 22 years after the song first appeared inside the charts. And exactly this week another song also peaks after decades. But first the other Christmas themed songs:

Last Christmas lands at #15 as second best selling classic–the highest rank since 2009.
Number 3 of the Christmas carols is Driving Home For Christmas by Chris Rea. The song goes 81–23 and reaches a new peak 13 years after it appeared for the first time. So far #31 reached in season 07/08 was serving as the highest rank so far.
One place behind Melanie Thornton sees her Wonderful Dream (Holidays Are Coming) stop. This constellation is an unusual one too.
At #37 the biggest gainer of the week stops in the face of Do They Know It's Christmas by Band Aid. It is quite unclear which version here counts–probably all four recorded together. Assumed it is only the original version as stated on the list this position is the highest since its original and first chart run in 19984/85.
Re-entry at #40 is Happy Xmas (War Is Over) by John & Yoko, The PLastic Ono Band with The Harlem Communitiy Choir. The song had its first appearance on February 2nd 1973 at #45 holding there for a single week. After almost 43 years the song reaches a new peak–which is indeed the longest time a song needed inside the German charts.

There are further Christmas songs invading the list summing up to 14. Worth mentioning the re-entry at #53 is: Thank God It's Christmas by QUEEN had it's peak at #57 while his initial chart run in January 1995. 31 years later this mark is taken. A very similar story can be told about Christmas Time recorded by Bryan Adams. The song was released at the end of 85 landing at #67 in January 86. 30 years later the song re-enters the list at #64.
After five years of pause Frankie Goes To Hollywood with The Power Of Love is back on the list. It sneaks in at #82. At #90 there enters a song for the very first time that was recorded 15 years ago. My Only Wish (This Year) by Britney Spears has its first chart appearance this year without being promoted as a standalone song at all.
And finally #94 sees an act returning to the list who was absent for almost exactly 30 years. Shakin' Stevens' Merry Christmas Everyone was the last charting single of the singer in January 1986. It had a single appearance at #75. Now it is back at the very low end of the list for probably another single week.

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