Sept 18th 15: Deepest Fall From No.1 Ever

Uhm–the big run only took about a week. As official politics changed the interest in the hymn for solidarity and refugees drops dramatically which leads to the deepest dive of a #1 hit ever. Last weeks shining star Schrei nach Liebe by Die Ärzte drops to #21 undertaking the so far "record" by Depeche Mode's 2001 single Dream On by six places.

The old #1 is gone–so we have a new one which actually is an old one too. A month ago Astronaut by Sido Feat. Andreas Bourani shot straight to the top, last week Sido's album emerged eight single tracks inside the list, now the lead hit returns and spends a second week at #1. Having a four weeks long absence at the top before grabbing the crown once more is a hardly seen feat. The last #1 returning after a bunch of weeks further down was–uhm Andreas Bourani himself with his 2014 football anthem Auf uns that managed to return to the top after 10 weeks again.

The only new song inside the top 10 comes from R•City feat. Adam Levine and brings US-American acts back to the top end of the German list. Locked Away had its chart success in the US some weeks ago peaking at #8, in the UK it just started chart life, in Germany it now stops at #6 giving both acts their highest performance at all. Of course Adam Levine as a member of Maroon 5 already knows how it feels even higher.

Back to top 10 status Nicky Jam & Enrique Iglesias go. El perdón reaches a new peak at #8.

At #11 LENA lands with her latest release. Wild & Free was produced as music score for Fack ju Göthe which was premiered a week ago and started with the best result of 2015 so far. For the singer it is the highest rank since October 2012 when she hit #2 with Stardust.

With the new single of Felix Jaehn Book Of Love landing at #17 there is the first time since 2011 a Russian act invading the German top 20. It is singer Polina who serves with vocals on the song and probably will rise some further. #3 occupied by Timati is the goal.

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