Sept 11th 15: No.1 after 22 years

It is hardly seen politics making no.1 hits. In 2015 Germany faces exactly that situation. After weeks of neonazis riots against refugee camps a music teacher started his action "Aktion Arschloch" which calls people to buy the song Schrei nach Liebe by Die Ärzte as an act of solidarity with refugees and against xenophobia in Germany. The band itself support the action by donating all royalties of the song for Pro Asyl. Apple, google and Universal Publishing did so too. Last week the song reentered the list at #12. This week it is clearly the most sold song of the week.

By entering #1 the song breaks a record. It is now the song with longest way to the top. First released end of September 1993 it took 22 years–its first chart run stopped at #9. As the fourth track of Die Ärzte Schrei nach Liebe also marks a more than 17 years long span of #1 hits for the band which actually is not a record though it is the third longest time span if you count the weekly aera of the charts and the fourth longest if you consicer all charts from 1953 on.

At #4 there is the highest new entry in the face of German rock band Böhse Onkelz. Wir bleiben is their first chart entry since 11 years and the fifth consecutive top 10 hit. As a result there are five songs in German inside the Top 10.
This tendency continues inside the top 20. With Glasperlenspiel's new single Geiles Leben rising 24–18 there are eight songs in German–three further tracks are recorded by German acts although there are in English.

The longest running hit also is a German one. Atemlos durch die Nacht by Helene Fischer spends a 100th chart week on the list. This result is the sixth longest chart run at all. With 96 consecutive weeks it matches the result of gossip's Heavy Cross which was so far the longest runner.
Exactly at this "anniversary" the song climbs again 20 places to #53 the highest rank since end of June.

At the very lower end of the list seven tracks by SIDO enter the list due to the release of the album VI which goes straight to #4 on the album's survey. Added with Astronaut still hanging on at #3 and his appearance on Au revoir clinging on at #95 there are nine tracks of the whole top 100 coming from one artist–second best result for 2015 only beaten by Bushido on February 27th.

This strong impact is the reason why we have a total of 31 songs in German and 38 productions coming from Germany–all this falling narrowly short of the result in February. Additionally we have a total of 79 productions involving Eurpeans in the list–the best performance of 2015 although it is still three under the best mark of 2014.

Of course it's not all about German songs: In its 13th chart week Ghost Town by Adam Lambert can achieve the top 20. The song goes 23–17.
All other stories are more the negative way as we have a total of only 24 tracks involving USAmericans–ouch, only narrowly misses the figure of July 2014 when there were only 23 tracks.

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